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Things that GameFi studios won’t tell web3 investors. Insights from a chat with game developer turned crypto VC @0xkapital_k The centralized power held by game publishers in web2 gaming is distributed in web3, to game studios, communities, and partners with real insights Thread

2/n In web2 gaming, the publisher is the most powerful player in the entire ecosystem. They 1) sign game studios, 2) are the only experts who can also fund game development, and 3) provide the marketing distribution

3/n While game studios are the ones who come out with the idea, create the IP, design the gameplay, and develop the game product, the game publishers control everything a game studio needs on the business side

4/n Web3 unlocked many things. It unlocked access to ownership for players and the community; it unlocked access to capital for game studios. That changed the power dynamics in game development dramatically.

5/n Game studios used to get 0 capital interest (betting on early games is fucking hard). Now they get abundant access to capital from VCs and NFT sales, early in the journey of game development. Everyone wants to invest in a good web3 game studio.

6/n With better access to capital, lots of talented game studios will move to web3. They can build with ever more creativity and freedom and without restrictions from game publishers' "portfolio construction" Over the next 5 years, the quality of web3 games will flip web2 games

7/n While the funding problem is solved, web3 game studios still need distribution, high-quality distribution. 1) They need a partner who has real insights to help educate the community and unfold their visions. Because, again, betting on early games is fucking hard

8/n 2) They need a partner who has real insights, who is with the community day in and day out and trusted by the users, to help the community navigate the thousands of GameFi projects in the market and filter out the noise hint: @ancient8_gg Research:

9/n 3) They need a GameFi focused, dedicated channel to introduce their NFT and tokens to the community that care the most deeply about GameFi. This is a community that will become long term investors and supporters of their game in multiple ways

10/n 4) They need to identify and attract gamers that are the most active, NFT collectors that are the most enthusiastic, and investors that are the most diamond-hand. They need clean, actionable data and marketing tools to help them target the high impact users, effectively

11/n 5) They need a partner who can help them build great web3 games. They need experienced web3 gamers to test and provide feedback to improve the game; to help incorporate crypto into the game's economies, a challenge and opportunity that no previous game studio has faced

12/n At @ancient8_gg, we are building the GameFi infrastructure with a focus on community and software. We take care of distribution so that the GameFi studios can focus on building great products, and our community can be the first to discover and play the best web3 games

13/n As web3 decentralizes the power structure in the $180Bn game industry and gives more power back to the game studios, the people who actually build, we will see even more game talent move to web3. The community will also play a bigger role with their increased influence

14/n I'm constantly amazed by web3's ability to disrupt fundamental incentives and incumbent power structures. It moves fast and breaks things, and that attracts talented, ambitious people. Everything is about the people. Much to BUIDL, and WAGMI

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