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A thread about who has been requested to testify in the impeachment inquiry BUT are following the White House's orders and are refusing to cooperate:

Ulrich Brechbuhl: State Department counselor, Pompeo's friend from West Point Multiple officials have placed him in relevant meetings and phone calls during which Ukraine policy, including Trump’s wish for “investigations,” was discussed.

Charles Kupperman: former deputy national security adviser under Bolton. Likely in the room with Trump for discussions of Ukraine.

John Bolton: Trump’s national security adviser until September He repeatedly told his staff to "tell the lawyers" about what was going on w/ Ukraine. Didn't want to be part of the "drug deal."

John Eisenberg: top lawyer for the National Security Council. NSC staffers testified that they discussed their growing concerns with him. He reportedly moved the call transcript to a secure computer system normally reserved for highly classified information.

Michael Ellis: deputy counsel for the NSC Was aware that multiple NSC staffers had concerns about what was happening to Ukraine policy

Wells Griffith: senior director for international energy and environment at the NSC Hill placed him at the July 10 mtg w/ Ukrainian officials that Bolton cut short after Sondland suggested a WH meeting would be forthcoming if Ukraine launched the requested “investigations.”

Mick Mulvaney: director of the Office of Management and Budget and the acting White House Chief of Staff. He received Trump’s order to suspend the almost $400 million in security assistance to Ukraine and communicated it to the staff at OMB.

Russell Vought: acting director of the Office of Management and Budget. He could have knowledge about the reasons Mulvaney and Trump articulated about why the money was being held.

Michael Duffey: associate director for National Security Programs at the Office of Management and Budget May have information about reasons given internally for why the security assistance was withheld and then released.

Brian McCormack: Current associate director for natural resources, energy & science at OMV, but until September, he was Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s longtime chief of staff.

Rick Perry: secretary of energy in the Trump administration. He led the U.S. presidential delegation to the inauguration of President Zelenskyy in May. Taylor placed him in the “irregular” policy channel, along with Sondland, Volker and Giuliani.

Robert Blair: assistant to the president and senior adviser to acting White House Chief of Staff Mulvaney. He communicated information about the hold on security assistance from Mulvaney's office to OMB.

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