Mindset of Stoics

Mindset of Stoics



Men in your 20s:

You think you have time. Truth is, you don't. Life for men ends between 70-80 typically. So when you are 35-40, you are half way through life. So get moving.

Don't worry about chasing pussy. Start focusing on building yourself. Build something meaningful and eventually the right woman will come. Don't make women your focus, make them a byproduct of your work.

Don't rely on your college education to carry you through life. It wont. I have been out of school and got into sales. Heres what i have learned: College and their degrees have ZERO real-world relevance. Start listening to podcasts and start reading. Develop yourself.

Don't be lazy. No reason for you to be fat, lazy, and depressed. Get up, move around and do something meaningful. I would know, I was clinically depressed for 5 years. I know how to change from it. I got over it without medication.

When you are young you can experiment more. Try things, find out what you really enjoy doing. There is no reason to work a job you hate for the rest of your life. Don't follow the path society has tried to lay out for you.

Stop partying. There is way more fulfilling things to do on the weekends then to drink your life away. Nobody should be getting blackout drunk 3 days a week. Its illogical. Alcohol is terrible for your body.

You get to decide what you want from your life. Average or extraordinary? It's your choice, and it's determined by what you do daily. Whatever path you take though, remember: Your son, his son, and even HIS sons life all depend on the decision you make.

Want a better and more fulfilling life? -Wake up earlier -Drink some coffee -Get some sun -Get some exercise -Sleep good -Be selfish for yourself and family -Have a small and inspiring circle Drinking, drugs, and sex aren't going to fulfill you.

Find your purpose, your ikigai. Find what gives you meaning, something bigger than yourself. Touch lives, build an empire, just find out what it is for you.

Ignore the societal norms. You don't: -Need to marry and have kids by 30 -Go to college -Have the newest car -Have a huge house -Work a 40 hour a week job Find what makes you happy, and do more of it.

Don't trust your government. Don't trust the news. Don't trust your formal education. Don't trust your programming. Reprogram your mind with books, podcasts, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.

Build confidence. Lift weights regularly. Your whole demeanor and life will thank you. Added bonus, you will look awesome naked.

You WILL fuck up. And that's okay. Just learn from it. Don't make the same mistake twice. The more you fuck up, the more you learn. The quicker you fuck up, the quicker you learn.

What I am trying to get at, is whatever your heart is telling you to do, do it. Don't let society put you in a box and ship you from one thing to the next. Live the life you want, whatever it may be. Be great, strive for more. Because there is more out there for you.

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