Lauren Melissa Ellzey (she/her)

Lauren Melissa Ellzey (she/her)



Deficit: Autistics have strong attachments to or a preoccupation with unusual objects. Redefined: We may develop bonds with items to represent our special interests or happy days and use these items to self-regulate in moments of sensory and social stress. ๐Ÿงต

Deficit: Autistics fail to have normal back-and-forth conversations. Redefined: We often enjoy social interactions in which one person (Autistic or non-autistic) takes the lead. This may shift if a conversation is about a shared special interest.

Deficit: Autistics have difficulties adjusting their behavior to various social contexts. Redefined: We are more likely to bring our whole selves to each social context we enter.

Deficit: Autistics have abnormalities in eye contact & body language. Redefined: We prefer to make eye contact on our own terms, often because eye contact may overload us with emotional information.

Deficit: Autistics have deficits in the understanding or use of gestures. Redefined: We comprehend honest communication over hidden messages.

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