The UN confirmed that we only have 12 years to fix climate change. Here’s a thread of simple things you can do to help save the planet from the harsh and irreversible reality of climate change in 2030 🌿🌟☁️

WATER USE: 65% of water in canada is used in bathrooms. we take 45 minute showers and leave the tap on when were washing our faces or brushing our teeth. this is easily reduceable! and it literally changes nothing in your life. its a win-win

WATER CONSUMPTION: stop buying those packs of 24 water bottles!! Lanfills are OVERFILLING by water bottles alone. get a brita filter for your fridge, get a reusable water bottle, drink from water fountains, theres so many possibilities! and they’re easy!!!!

This one’s a biggie and yall might not believe me, but REDUCE MEAT AND DAIRY CONSUMPTION here are the facts: red meat is responsible for 10-40 times as many greenhouse emissions than veggies and grains

keeping dairy cows fed require 66% of all crop calories, and cow farts account for 28% of methane emissions. contrary to popular belief, its not the cows themselves that are the problem, its what we’re feeding them so we can eat and consume their milk!

PLASTIC: grocery & convenience stores are now charging 10-15 cents per plastic bag, this is a great start but they’ll still end up in the trash at some point, which we all know is a huge inconvenience to the environment. buy yourself a reusable bag!

also, STOP USING STRAWS! its literally the most useless piece of plastic and, as you all know, is seriously harming marine life and polluting our oceans. ask for your drink without a straw when you order one,

PAPER: 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for paper, endangering natural habitats and using up so much water. we’re surrounded by technology! keep it digital if you can!

Lastly, here are some visuals to show what we’re doing/have done. just cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean its not happening! go green friends🌿💚

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