Cass 📌 Skts Werewolf AU

Cass 📌 Skts Werewolf AU



Sakuatsu// Gangster AU // NSFW / Top Sakusa/ bottom Atsumu It's a gangster AU so there will be blood and violence at the beginning ! If you see typos, ignore them like I do.

The crack of bones shattering under his fist sent Atsumu on edge furthermore. The strong smell of blood riled him up. A constant reminder that he was crossed by one of his partner. If there was one thing that Atsumu valued, it was loyalty.

His skin felt cold despite his blood burning inside as he cracked another punch at his former partner. Atsumu held him by the collar of his blood stained, rumpled jacket, the man was limp in his grip, unable to held his hands up against Atsumu's assault.

"I told ya what happened if ya even thought of crossing me, ya bastard," Atsumu sneered. The room was almost silent if it wasn't for the choked cries of the man. The room was filled with the smell of cold tobacco and blood. Atsumu's men got rid of everyone who participated in

the coup that almost cost Atsumu his empire. The man passed out, his head hanging back and Atsumu's tongue tutted. He let go of the man with a frown, shaking his hands, making some of the blood splatter on his once pristine grey suit. "That bastard made a mess," Atsumu spat.

He took off his jacket. His guns secured neatly in the holsters strapped to his chest. Atsumu took one out while Akagi spill a bucket full of cold water on the man of the floor who jolted awake. Once he saw Atsumu standing in front of him with a gun pointed at his face, the

man scrambled on his feet, kneeling before Atsumu who kicked him back. "Keep yet pathetic excuse for Lucifer, ya piece of shit." Without another word, Atsumu puled the trigger. A loud bang echoed across the room. When Atsumu lowered his gun, his grin could rival the devil's

face. Atsumu secured his gun back to the holster, then he frowned when he looked at his hands. "I hate traitors, they make a mess," Atsumu looked around until he saw a sink, he washed his hands, watching the blood ran down the drain.

"Ya want us to clean it up, boss?" Gin asked behind. "No, let it be a reminder for those who even nurse the thought of crossing me," Atsumu replied as he stubbed his hands clean. When he realised he couldn't get rid of the blood without a proper shower he gave up.

"Let's go back, I have somewhere to be, and I need to shower before that. Can't be late." Without another word all of Inarizaki walked out of the blood bath scene and Atsumu was driven back to his place where security had been doubled after an attempt of the boss' twin's life.

Inarizaki was expanding its territory to Osaka and it seemed that some people thought of it as an attempt to make a move on the Miya twins' empire. One miscalculated move led Osamu to being targeted and Atsumu had been restless until he caught every single one person involved in

This. Osamu was fine. Which to some extent made Atsumu less cruel in his punishment. Atsumu's skin prickled and he still felt restless. He checked on Osamu on his way home. But he didn't need to think too much of the thing that would make him fully settle and quiet his mind.

Atsumu entered his appartement ok the top floor, after ignoring the remaining splashes of blood staining his sleeves. He looked around and heard no one, so he beelined to the bathroom. He discarded his clothes on the bathroom floor and walked into the shower.

He turned the water until it burnt his skin enough. Atsumu watched the blood disappear as he closed his eyes, letting the water ease his tensed muscles.

Once his scrubbed his skin raw and clean, he turned the water off and dried himself. He cursed at the lack of clean clothes waiting for him. He secured his towel around his hips and walked outside the bathroom with a fog a hot mist made by the shower.

On his way to his bedroom he heard some noises and he launched at direction where the noises came from. Suddenly the air was knocked out of his lungs as he ended pressed against the wall face first. A hot chest pressed against his back.

"You don't have to be on guard when you're home, love," a low timbre whispered against the shell of his ear. Atsumu shivered. "Never take anything for granted, especially not yer safety, darling," he retorted with his cheek pressed against the wall.

A low chuckle warmed his cheek before a pair of cold lips pressed against his temple, the grip loosened and he pushed himself off the wall, rubbing his wrist that had been twisted and pinned to his lower back. "There are things who will always belong to you." Atsumu smiled.

"Like what ?" Atsumu asked without looking back. A gloved hand snaked its way around Atsumu's waist, until he was turned around, another gloved hand lifted his chin up. "Like me," Finally Atsumu looked up and met dark eyes that once felt like threat from how much he could get

lost into them. Those eyes now grounded him. Kiyoomi tilted his head up a bit more as to check if Atsumu had any injuries. The raven traced the scar above Atsumu's left eye, then his cheek and push it on Atsumu's bottom lip.

Atsumu sneaked his hands up and grabbed Kiyoomi's jacket by the lapels. "Be careful there, I might think yer trying to earn yer boss' favour and I don't like teacher's pets," he whispered close to Kiyoomi's lips who dangerously curled up.

"I'm just trying to express my gratitude because the clean-up crew hasn't been called after the blood bath you apparently made downtown," Kiyoomi nosed at Atsumu's jaw, teasing him. Atsumu's eyes fluttered,, his hands tangled his dark curls as he exposed his neck more.

Something he never did before Kiyoomi. The raven pressed a kiss on Atsumu's pulsing point, making him shudder. The grip on Kiyoomi's hair tightened when the raven repeated the gesture along the junction of Atsumu's neck, nipping at the shoulder.

Suddenly Atsumu was lifted on the ground and pinned against the wall with a hiss that Kiyoomi was quick to swallow when he crashed their lips together, Atsumu's towel fell on the ground where his feet used to be. Atsumu let himself unwind in the press and pull of their lips.

Tasting Kiyoomi's tongue on his as he looped his legs around the raven's waist. "I like the way ya show me yet gratitude, I hope ya don't do the same to yer previous boss," Atsumu panted while Kiyoomi was littering his neck with red and purple marks.

A sharp bite had him gasping. Kiyoomi detached himself from Atsumu's neck and leveled him with a warning glare. "You know I only do that for you, what are you getting at?" Kiyoomi frowned. Atsumu tried to avoid those piercing eyes to no avail when Kiyoomi held his jaw.

Atsumu held his stare and buried his face on the crook of Kiyoomi's neck. Kiyoomi held him and cup his nape, allowing Atsumu to melt in his arms. "Just don't leave me, ever," Atsumu finally mumbled. Kiyoomi walked them into the bedroom and took of his gloves biting on them.

Atsumu watched with rapt attention as those silky, deft fingers appeared before him. He swallowed hard, making Kiyoomi chuckled. "After 3 years you're still asking the same thing, love," Kiyoomi unbuttoned his jacket and let it fall on the floor.

Atsumu parted his legs as if it was a second nature when Kiyoomi revealed his toned chest. Kiyoomi leaned down and captured Atsumu's lips into a kiss, tasting the blonde's mouth like a delicate meal. Kiyoomi had always been a gourmet but especially when it came to savouring his

Boss. Atsumu melted under Kiyoomi's touch. The raven had long tamed the fighting response out of Atsumu in the intimacy of their home. The blonde who didn't let his guard down was now letting Kiyoomi take him apart and the raven always took pleasure in watching Atsumu unravel

Under his touch. Both of them breaking the walls they built to meet each other in the middle. Atsumu pleaded for more. He wanted, needed Kiyoomi to take him. "I want to feel ya," he confessed between kisses. Kiyoomi complied. He reluctantly let go of Atsumu's lips to fetch

The lube and condoms tucked in the bedside table by the bed. Atsumu was flushed down his chest, littered with Kiyoomi's marks all over. Kiyoomi had a fine eye for art, and Atsumu was definitely a masterpiece. Kiyoomi returned to his previous position between Atsumu's legs.

He coated his fingers in lube that he barely warm, knowing Atsumu was impatient. Atsumu felt a cold finger pressed at his entrance, and he nodded at the raven who pushed it past his rim. Atsumu's breath stutter when Kiyoomi pressed a second finger, not wasting any time.

Atsumu threw his head back and groaned when Kiyoomi pumped his fingers in and out. Atsumu felt alive. Kiyoomi was playing with Atsumu's nipples while he prepped him for his cock. Atsumu saw the hunger deep inside Kiyoomi's eyes. Sometimes he wondered who was the hungrier.

But right now he didn't care. He wanted more, he wanted all, he wanted Kiyoomi. A third finger joined the others and Atsumu writhed under Kiyoomi's knowing touch. He pleaded for more as he melted against Kiyoomi's lips once more.

Without more teasing Kiyoomi pulled his fingers out, reached for a condom when Atsumu gripped his wrist. "I wanna feel ya," Atsumu said, his lips swollen and red. Kiyoomi's favourite. Kiyoomi unbuckled his pants and pulled them down beneath his ass. With one swift move,

He brought Atsumu to the edge of the bed, and pushed the blonde's legs up, exposing his gaping hole. Kiyoomi watched himself disappeared into Atsumu with a satisfying groan that Atsumu echoed. Atsumu felt Kiyoomi fill him, and finally the blonde started to feel safe.

He fully relaxed under Kiyoomi's touch, his muscles giving up ,when the raven started to thrust into him. "I love watching you like this," Kiyoomi breathed out after hearing Atsumu moan. "You're just melting under me, you feel so hot and soft around my cock, love."

Atsumu cried out when Kiyoomi angled his hips until he found his sweet spot. "There you are," Kiyoomi picked up the pace. Atsumu gripped at the sheets underneath trying to gain something to ground him as he lost himself in pleasure. Kiyoomi pulled out and Atsumu had to muffle

His cry when he ended on his front, Kiyoomi grabbed his hips and lifted them up, allowing him to fuck back his length inside the blonde. Atsumu's cock was heavy and leaking between his thighs. He reached for it when Kiyoomi looped an arm around his middle,

Lifting his back until it rested against Kiyoomi's back. The raven nipped at his earlobe and Atsumu's eyes rolled back. Atsumu felt his abs tensed. His spine shivered. He held his breath, pumping his cock until he came with Kiyoomi's name on his lips.

Kiyoomi didn't let him go or rest. He held Atsumu close and turned bit his abused neck once more as he painted Atsumu's inside white with his cum. Atsumu mewled weakly, he felt floaty and full. Kiyoomi's hot breath against his skin anchored him. Kiyoomi lowered them on the bed

As they both caught their breath. Kiyoomi's arm around Atsumu's waist made him feel safe. Atsumu laced their fingers and rested their hands on his belly. The let silence blanket them for a while before Kiyoomi removed himself and fetched something to clean them both.

Once they were done Atsumu layed on top of Kiyoomi's chest. The raven lightly scratching his hair, making Atsumu stay in this relaxed state. Kiyoomi placed a kiss on Atsumu's forehead. "You can sleep if you need to, I'll stay here," he whispered against the blonde's skin.

Atsumu lifted his head and kiss the raven properly before he hid his face in Kiyoomi's neck. Atsumu could break people into pieces, ruin them, or choose to end their life as he lifestyle demanded, but in the confines of his home he learnt to allow himself to let go off his fears

And there was always a place for him within Kiyoomi's arms. // The end. It might feel rushed but we were here for the smut and it's half past midnight and capitalism awaits for me in six hours. hope you enjoy this little brainrot inspired by my one and only 💖 Take care ❣️

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