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Here's how to create your first backlinks. This strategy is 100% white hat 👇

Let's say you're in the pets niche. 1. Plug dogs into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. 2. Go to the Matching Terms tab and add "stats" or "statistics" in the filters. 3. Go to Questions.

4. Browse the list and find interesting statistics in your niche.

5. Create a blog post with a table providing that information by states in the U.S. 6. Create a map of the U.S. and add the number of dog attacks over each state. Embed it in the article. 7. Use only the latest data. Everything is available online if you research it.

8. Search on Google "what are the statistics of dog attacks." You'll see that the top results have a ton of referring domains.

9. Plug the results into Ahrefs Site Explorer and go to Referring domains. 10. Export the list in Google Docs.

10. Start pitching your resource to those websites. Tell them you have the most up-to-date data on dog attacks and a great visual map with the statistics by state. Don't ask them to replace the original link. Just provide value. You will get the results. Additional tips 👇

Link building is a numbers game. Contact all targets that link to the top 10 results on Google. You need to contact hundreds of sites to get a few backlinks. But those are POWERFUL links. Create an email template but make each email personal ( add a name, jokes, etc. ).

Tools to use: @ahrefs - our main tool here @EmailHunter - to find emails @canva - to create the map @TablePress - to create a table with the data

Good luck and happy link-building! For more interesting strategies, follow me @Ldnbox And please share and comment!

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