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New tutorial! ✨ Learn how to create an 'ultra gradient' with @figma, without using any plugins! Let's get started πŸ‘‡

Add a background Use an β€˜almost black’ for this. For this background I used a 4k resolution frame of 3840x2160px.

Add 2 colour blobs Create 2 abstract shapes with the pen tool. Make sure to use soft colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. This will make sure they blend nicely.

Blur those blobs (Had to do it πŸ˜›) Apply the max amount of blur to your blobs. Tip: Not enough blur? Use CMD+K to scale up the elements and their blur size.

Add contrasting color blobs Create a group with contrasting blobs, make sure to use the same amount of saturation for better blending later on.

Time to blur Apply a good amount of blur to this new group as well. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Magic time Now just apply the overlay blending mode to this new group and see the magic unfold!

Looking noise! To add some grain, add a noise PNG on top of your beautiful gradient and set it to overlay.

You're all done! ✨ Here are some bonus tips to take this gradient one step further:

Increase contrast Not happy with the contrast? Just add a black layer on top of everything, set it to overlay and play around with the opacity.

Copy and iterate Now that you have the basics down, copy your artboard and play around with the different blobs to discover new looks!

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Are you trying out this technique? I would love to see the result! Drop them below or tag me in your creation. ✨

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