hyg | 박민

hyg | 박민



#yoonminau where Florian (Jimin) was having a grad party and his neighbors filed a noise complaint. Theo (Yoongi) was sent to the scene and Florian thought he was a stripper in a cop uniform.

Tags - fluff, crack (I'll try to be funny, can't promise though) - includes curses and inapproriate language - taglish - ignore timestamps - socmed AU with written parts - additional tags to follow

Florian Gonzales (graduating student, BS Accountancy, 22 y/o)

Theo Alcantara (Police Officer 1, one year in the force, 24 y/o)

Florian's friends - Taehyung (graduating student BS Accountancy, 22 y/o) - Jeongguk (graduating student, Economics, 22 y/o) - Seokjin (cafe owner, 24 y/o)

Theo's friends - Namjoon (Police Officer 1, 24 y/o) - Hoseok (Admin Officer 1, 24 y/o)

1. Riri nyo may party + Taekook bardahan

2. Meanwhile...

3. Mga chismoso

4. Napa-tweet tuloy

5. Meanwhile again...

7. Time skip. Party time.

8. Effortless + Jeongguk na naghahanap ng sakit ng katawan.

9. Simplehan lang ni mima kasi wala ang jowa

10. Nagtitinda ka Guk?

11. Same po

12. Siya kaya to?


14. Di mo sure Guk no?

15. May nag-text

16. Ang KJ ni Mrs. Melendez 😒

17. Masunurin naman si Riri nyo

18. 😂😂😂

19. Meanwhile...

20. Malas

21. Kasalanan talaga maging pogi

22. Saka na problemahin si Wendy from IT.

23. Di na sya mabobore 🤭

24. Back to Riri's house party...


26. Missed messages and call from kabilang bakod..

27. Main character ka kasi bhe

** notes: to continue, open part 26. Sorry naputol ang thread ✌️

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