can't stop thinking about experienced seonghwx teaching virgin hongjxxng how to fuck? like he lets jxxng do him raw as it's his first time and to make his experience more pleasurable...and jxxng is so cute and shy while being intimate with such a beautiful man lying under him

hwx's praises and compliments on how well he's doing turn him into a flushed mess and even though his thrusts are initially very awkward and careful, the older man arches his back and moans so prettily that it gives jxxng that push and confidence to be rougher and faster...and ok

maybe seonghwx did put on a little bit of a show at the beginning to make jxxng feel more comfortable but now the younger man is fucking into him so frantically that he can't help but let out loud high pitched moans bc jxxng is hitting the sweetest spot inside him as if he knew

exactly where it was. unsurprisingly, it doesn't take long for both to cum. the feeling of hwx's tight hot walls wrapped around jxxng's cock was too intense for him to last any longer and hwx's prostate was abused by the younger man so much he simply came embarrassingly fast

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