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Actually, it is not five but seven Sikh officiants who attend the fire. The Namdhari Rahitnama says that seven Sikhs attend the sacred fire. This has an exact parallel in the Vedic Homa. The Vedic Agni is attended NOT by "one Pandit" but by "Seven priests (hotars)"

The Rgveda mentions the seven fire priests(सप्त होतारः) at RV 8.60.16, RV 9.10.7, RV 10.35.10 In Rgveda 2.1, even the names of these 7 priests(hotr-s) are given. They are 1.Hotr 2.Potr 3. Neṣṭr 4.Agnīdh 5.Adhvaryu 6.Praśāstr 7.Brahman.

Likewise, the Namdhari Rahitnama requires the presence of seven Sikh officiants to attend the sacred fire. Prayers from Adigranth and Dasam Granth are recited (including a prayer to the Goddess Chandi named Chandi Charitr based on Markandeya Purana) (translation by McLeod)

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