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nothing and no one to change but yourself: a thread. [ long sorry ]

at the beginning of using the law, everyone is so desperate to change their reality. everyone is so broken at what they see, wondering how they could ever change it. we try techniques, we do it all. we try it with force and wonder why nothing works but im here to remind you:

stop trying.

our life is an EXACT copy of who we are and what we see within. it highlights to us what stories we are telling, what we believe about ourselves and how we see others. that and only that. this was about nothing and no one even from the start.

we identify with our physical circumstances so hard, we are full of doubt because we see it as reality. but we are completely missing ourselves. we completely forget that this is who we are. ask yourself, who am i? does it show in your world?

if the world is a mirror of YOU and i ask you to stand in front of the mirror and change, who would you change? the mirror or yourself? if our imagination reflects into reality, we have to change our imagining, not the reality.

we are so focused on how to change someone else, how to change our life, how to make something happen when actually, you can do none of those. all of that comes from you. EVERYONE is YOU pushed out. YOUR LIFE is a REFLECTION of YOU. A COPY. the EVENTS are the beliefs YOU have.

YOU have to change YOURSELF. quit fighting to change how they feel, quit fighting against your circumstances, quit searching up videos. if the world is following you, stop trying to follow it.

change who YOU are, not them. change how YOU feel, not them. change how YOU see it. WHO ARE YOU? you have to get up and be ready to be someone else and if you’re not, don’t wait for things to change. it is coming from you.

you are the SOURCE. you are screaming at your physical reality saying CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE and the reality is only screaming back at you CHANGE CHANGE because you are looking at yourself. the people in your life are who you are. they are also screaming at you to change.

they know everything about you because they are highlighting and showing you who you are. “don’t try to change them, change yourself, they are only a messenger of who you are”

CHANGE how you SEE them, not them. CHANGE how you imagine them, not them. CHANGE how you identify them, not them. how do you feel and see them? that’s the question. it doesn’t matter about them because they are you pushed out.

we are so focused on changing our physical reality, we forget where the physical actually came from. it came from you. it came from the inner world, imagination. focus on changing your imagination, who you imagine yourself and others to be. that is your aim. “reality is within”

many people still see the physical as reality, that’s why u feel you need to do something. u can’t but change yourself. many people still live there, that’s why you feel fear. change your inner reality, not the physical reality. you will feel much better. “as within, so without”

that is why you feel stuck, that is why you feel lost and hopeless. that is why you feel you’ll never get there is because you are trying to change someone or something outside of you that you think is outside of you. IT IS NOT.

so please. stop trying to change your reality. stop trying to force it. you don’t need or have to. go home and change yourself. you don’t need to change anything or anyone in your life, you actually need to change yourself because that is all anything or anyone is anyway.

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