nine hundred twenty-three 📌

nine hundred twenty-three 📌



— and boy, if you confess, you might get blessed a yoonkook au where jungkook learns something about yoongi, his cat hybrid boyfriend, when they're on vacation. #yoonkook #슙국

— dedicated to @readingficaus. thank you sea! :) — cat hybrid yoongi, yoongi has an open secret and jungkook is confused, he is also very enamored, lots of fluff. please enjoy! 🌷🌷🌷

[01] The air was crisp and the sun was shining high. Jungkook, holding an ice cream cone in one hand and his boyfriend’s in the other, was having the time of his life. It had been a stressful couple of months as piles upon piles of projects occupied him and the marketing manager

[02] hardly had any time for respite. A typical rest day for him was lying in bed, conked out and holding tight to Yoongi while the other crocheted sweaters to sell on his website. It wasn’t until his team had finally secured a job with one of their clients that he was given a

[03] chance for a break and his boyfriend took the opportunity to take him to his hometown. Yoongi detaches to jog past the flower gardens and straight to the river, the yellow sweater that he wore flapping up when he gets to the bannister and his kitten tail was in view.

[04] He didn’t know how the other could withstand the sun beaming down on them while he wore the thick oversized garment but he couldn’t deny that he wasn’t the cutest thing. Jungkook smiles, looking around and noticing plenty of people staring at Yoongi but he pays them no mind.

[05] Hybrids were not too common in the community but humans knew of their existence and they were well-integrated into society just like regular citizens. Jungkook had seen so few in Yoongi’s hometown compared to the city, but with all the looks – both in reverence and awe – he

[06] didn’t really worry all too much. Yoongi had made him promise on the train ride to just relax and Jungkook had decided to keep it. The two had met through a mutual friend. Jungkook’s co-worker watched him go on multiple dates to no avail and took pity.

[07] Jungkook wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but his heart did move and it was a wonder he was able to utter more than a few intelligible words at the older one’s presence when they met. Yoongi, the kind sweet soul, understood the situation and took the reins for the

[08] whole date to which Jungkook never really lived down. Jungkook to this day – unsurprisingly – was still very much in love with Yoongi. He still thought the cat hybrid was the prettiest person he had ever seen, the kindest and the most humble.

[09] He could create garments with even the most complicated of patterns and he had the determination to finish them all in such short spans. Jungkook loved his humor, the way he never seemed to realize when he stuck his tongue out when he was concentrating on a task or even when

[10] he would guess the plots of whatever they were watching on the television to a T. Sometimes, though. Sometimes Yoongi would say the most outrageous things and he, like the lovesick fool he was, would smile and nod and love him despite.

[11] “Hyung!” Jungkook holds out the sweater at arm’s length, wonder coloring his voice. “It’s so pretty! How were you able to finish this so fast?” Jungkook’s eyes were wide, taking the sweater close to his face just to see all the intricate details and colors.

[12] Yoongi just laughed, one ear flapping over his head – something that happened whenever he was embarrassed and shy – though Jungkook was happy to detect excitement at the praise. “What can I say? I’m magic.”

[13] “Okay,” Jungkook began, shaking his head. He kissed Yoongi’s nose, over and over until the hybrid leaped back in giggles. “Keep your secrets. Bet you did some crazy grid design for this. I can’t believe I’m boyfriends with the father of Mathematics.” –––

[14] One time, at the beginning of their relationship, Jungkook had caught Yoongi in the kitchen on a video chat with his parents and tried leaving to give them their privacy, but he took a pause and stuck to the wall once he caught his name in the conversation.

[15] “Bas, does he even treat you right? We know we told you that you could date but maybe…” “Appa, he’s fine. Jungkook-ie’s the best person and he accepts me as I am.” “Yoongi-yah. Do you mean…?” Jungkook hears his boyfriend sigh deeply and the following lectures and

[16] warnings Yoongi’s parents give afterward make him frown. It takes everything in him not to show himself and tell them his good intentions and profess all his promises that he’d protect and care for their son. Instead, he stays.

[17] He knew all about strict parents and he knew Yoongi was strong enough to fight his own battles. “Yeah, Eomma. I’ll tell him. I promise.” Jungkook ran straight to the couch, scrolling through his phone in feigned nonchalance when Yoongi came back into the living room to

[18] straddle Jungkook’s legs. “All good?” Yoongi sat up, cradling his face and kissing him deeply. “Everything’s perfect.”

[19] It’s later when they’re panting in bed that Yoongi confesses. “Babe?” “Yeah? Already?” Jungkook looks down and makes a show of lifting the blankets to check if he was good for another round when Yoongi smacks him, the two of them too exhausted to laugh.

[20] He rolls over so they're face to face and smiles cheesily. “What’s up?” “I need to tell you something.” Jungkook nods and reaches over to rub the back of Yoongi’s ears – something he did when he was agitated – and waits patiently. “I’m a god.”

[21] He nods. His eyes that were full of mirth meet Yoongi’s serious ones. Jungkook stares. Yoongi was so unbelievably sexy when he was this confident. He moved so he was on top of Yoongi, leaning down to kiss down his boyfriend's neck. “Fuck yeah, you are…” –––

[22] It quickly became a running joke at the apartment and Jungkook found it hilarious every single time. The group of friends that they met at the new apartment loved to tease him about how whipped he was and he always took it like a champ, knowing that it was true.

[23] Because Yoongi really was someone you just couldn’t help falling in love with – and he suspected most of their friends were in love with him too in their own ways – so it was always an honor to him that he was the one Yoongi chose.

[24] One thing about the cat hybrid that Jungkook had found insanely attractive was his love of cooking. After the first few times, Jungkook was so sure that he could present one ingredient to the hybrid and he’d be able to create a dish that was worth selling at five-star

[25] restaurants. “It’s because I’m a god, babe. I can do anything.” “Of course,” Jungkook began, slurping the rest of the heavenly broth. “How silly of me to forget?” –––

[26] He reaches Yoongi just as he dusts off the remains of his cone, and cages Yoongi in, hugging him from behind. The scenery was gorgeously serene and Jungkook could physically feel the stress of the past months flow out of him. Jungkook was just about to point towards a swan

[27] when someone hoarsely clears their throat. The two check their right where a little boy was shyly looking at Yoongi, holding out a lovely flower in offering. “For you, sir…” Jungkook lets go of Yoongi, letting him talk to the young boy. It was always so cute when people

[28] found Yoongi so irresistible. The cat hybrid crouches to the boy’s level and pats his head as he accepts, bringing the flower to his nose. “Thank you.” The boy bows shortly, running away just as quickly as he came and the boyfriends take some time to look at each other.

[29] Yoongi shrugs, smiling and asking for his hand. They walk around the gardens and Jungkook takes turns with Yoongi to recreate all the poses of each topiary and statue they pass by. He laughs every time he makes Yoongi do cute poses, much to the other’s mortification.

[30] It was by one depicting a giant man in thought when another child comes to Yoongi, offering two pink flowers. Yoongi turns away from the camera to accept the gift and Jungkook makes sure to take a lot of pictures of the moment, reminding himself to show their friends later.

[31] Yoongi walks to him, his face now hidden behind three large flowers but his wide smile wasn’t unnoticed. “Hyung, is this like, a cultural thing here? Do they just pick someone pretty?” He pouts as he spreads his arms for Yoongi to fall into. “Why am I not getting any?”

[32] Yoongi frowns, looking at him like he was trying to figure out if he was serious. “It’s because I’m a god. This land is sacred so they could probably sense it.” Jungkook laughs, pecking Yoongi’s soft lips before he straightens to lead him away, a hand snaking around the

[33] hybrid’s waist. “Okay, hyung.” They were just out the botanical gate when an old man came forward, hunched over and face desperate. His hands were outstretched holding a small paper bag. Alarm bells ring in Jungkook’s head and he moves Yoongi behind him.

[34] “Bas… Bas... Please help me.” Jungkook clicks his tongue, becoming more alarmed by the situation but something scratches his brain, like he was beginning to miss something and he needed to remember quickly. “Excuse me, sir–“

[35] “Bas! Please. This is all I can afford. Please accept this.” He feels Yoongi squeeze his bicep, making him turn sideways to see if Yoongi was alright. To his shock, Yoongi’s eyes were glowing gold. Jungkook gasps, hands slacking and Yoongi takes the opportunity to walk

[36] around him and receive the small hotteok from the man’s hand and bite into it without any hesitancy. Yoongi taps the man’s head, smiling serenely. “Ahjussi. Please stand straight.”

[37] The man does as told but his head stays lowered. He waits until Yoongi has finished his food before saying one last remark. “Thank you. Thank you so much, my lord. I won't forget this.” –––

[38] Yoongi pushes the coffee cup cautiously toward Jungkook with the tips of his fingers. His boyfriend hadn’t spoken one word since the old man had left and all the way back to his childhood home. He knew he had much to explain and that he probably should’ve handled it with

[39] more delicacy or better yet, he could’ve shown Jungkook his true identity from the beginning but he just… didn’t know how and some part of him was deeply afraid Jungkook wouldn’t accept that part of him.

[40] Deities were revered for generations and the souls of gods have transferred from one host to the next. Hybrids were common nowadays and it was easy to blend in unlike his ancestors before him. Most gods were known to be destructive, arrogant and had expectations of being

[41] treated like royalty. It was easy to understand sometimes as blessing people took a lot of energy out of them and humans most times demanded too much. Unlike the modern era where basic medicine and technology were readily available, hosts were the only solutions humans had

[42] at their disposal. It made them feel highly respected but evidently, feel used. “Here, sundungie, drink this instead. It’ll help you calm down.” His father takes a seat beside him and pats his arm. “You, Bas? Do you need anything? How many came up to you today again?”

[43] Yoongi smiles, his tail wagging behind him. He had left for the city for more independence but had never not yearned for his parent’s warm consolations. He leans his head on his father’s bicep, his nose taking his father’s familiar tea tree scent in.

[44] “I’m fine, appa. Only three, two more than I anticipated. It’s my fault; I should’ve worn something tighter.” His father nods, holding up his palm and Yoongi stretches to show him. On his arms were two bracelets that he always adorned, one holding a large red gem and

[45] another which consisted of antique wooden beads that had different kinds of drums engraved on it. His father stroked one bead. “It’s not your fault, honey. But you should probably expect more later or you could use that silly hat you always wore in high school to scare

[46] them away.” Yoongi scoffs, pulling his long sleeve up to raise his arm where the bracelet with the red gem was on. “/Aegis/ should scare them away, if anything. I don’t know how people could be so brave.”

[47] His father pushes his sleeves back down, patting the bracelets twice. “They’re brave, you stubborn child, because you’re so cute.” They share a smile and his father gives him a look before he stands. “Why don’t you and Sundungie go upstairs? Let him rest for a bit, hmm?”

[48] “Okay, appa.” “Love you, Bas.” Yoongi watches his father round the table, clutching his boyfriend’s shoulders as he passes. He had always loved how much his parents supported him and he appreciated how accommodating they were being to the still shell-shocked man.

[49] He sighs quietly as he looks at his boyfriend, worry coming back to him like an old friend. “Come on, baby.” ––– Yoongi’s childhood bedroom was always a haven to him and he was so thankful his parent’s didn’t turn it into a gym and entertainment room like they threatened

[50] back in the day. It was filled with all his creations and it made him happy seeing just how much he had improved over the years. He lifts the indigo blanket that he had made years ago further up until it covered Jungkook’s shoulders.

[51] He brushes his boyfriend’s bangs aside, his smile wavering when Jungkook still remains quiet. The only solace he had was the cold hand gripping his own, a sign that the other wasn’t scared of him at least. “You should sleep.”

[52] Jungkook closes his eyes, sleepiness fuelled by every caress and Yoongi’s tail self-consciously wraps around Jungkook’s middle as support. “I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

[53] Yoongi hadn’t had a lot of experience dealing with people finding out about his identity. His parents had moved here before he was born so most of the townspeople knew of him. During his teenage years, he had tried to rebel in his own way by changing his looks just as

[54] quickly as he changed clothes, different styles and different hair colors just so people wouldn’t recognize him at first sight. Over time, he had come to terms that this was just his normal. Being a host wasn’t any different. Yes, he had abilities that he would use every

[55] once in a while but he had learned that he couldn’t be a placeholder for people’s needs at all times. It burdened him, when he was younger. It was one of the reasons he had to move away and find a safe space.

[56] Seoul was not quite as what he expected but he loved that no one really cared about his identity. He recalls when he just moved and slipped, holding on to the bus handles as it took a sudden stop and his wooden bracelet was on display for everyone to see.

[57] Some old ladies eyed him for a moment and Yoongi had tried to come up with an excuse, but the ladies turned away, shaking their heads and whispering to each other about kids these days and their fascination with cosplaying.

[58] Yoongi never let his guard down since. Sure, there were times that he couldn’t help himself like the time he had lent his powers to treat the grandmother next door who always saved some food for him when she had fallen and broken a hip.

[59] Being on land that wasn’t blessed meant he had taken seven days to recuperate, and she had helped him recover for six. Some days he thought he liked being normal. He loved how close he was to the craft store where he got all his materials and he loved the energy the

[60] city provided. But he did miss his parents and their constant need to entertain. He had just decided to move back home when the granddaughter of his neighbor told him about a potential date.

[61] Yoongi had agreed to their insistence. Why not, he thought to himself; why not see where this went? If it all goes down, then he could take the embarrassment and run away so he’ll never have to see them again. Problem fixed.

[62] Jungkook was someone you couldn’t help but admire. He was so handsome to Yoongi that when the other left to buy them both some drinks, Yoongi had to adjust his tail under him so the whole café wouldn’t see it wag too much. Over the course of the date, he could see Jungkook

[63] in the same situation but it was in the staggered answers, the crimson cheeks and the two bunny teeth peeking out whenever he tried not to laugh. Yoongi hoped he wouldn’t do that, he bet Jungkook’s laugh would make someone’s day.

[64] And so, Yoongi put his big boy pants on and postponed his plans to ask the guy out. Why not, he thought to himself; why not see where this went? “Bas!”

[65] Yoongi startles, his pen slipping and running a streak right over the new design he was so thoroughly trying to figure out. He turns around to see Jungkook sitting up in his bed, eyes wide and looking straight at him. Yoongi looks right back, not knowing what to say to that.

[66] “Bas. Hyung. The week after we moved in together, I heard you on the phone. Your mom called you Bas.” Yoongi nods and Jungkook knocks his head with a fist. “I knew I was forgetting something.” “I–” Yoongi stands, sitting at the end of the bed and looking earnestly at him.

[67] “I tried to tell you that night, remember? I tried to–“ “After sex. Why would you tell me then, hyung? Of course I took it as a joke.” “Babe–“

[68] Jungkook bows his head, sighing deeply. He looks back up, beckoning Yoongi closer. Yoongi was still wary but he missed his boyfriend. They’ve been together the whole time and it hadn’t even been more than three hours since the news officially broke out, but the hybrid felt

[69] like it was the longest distance they’ve ever been in and it was driving him crazy. Jungkook holds him in his lap and Yoongi resists not wrapping his boyfriend with his tail too tightly. He whispers wetly, face smothered in Jungkook’s shirt. “I’m sorry, Kook-ah. I should’ve

[70] told you more seriously. I tried but–” “I know hyung. I’m sorry, too. I should’ve listened. I’m sorry. Please don’t think I’m mad or anything, I’m sorry…” They fall into a series of apologies and professions of love. Yoongi uses the ends of his sleeves to roughly wipe

[71] their tears dry, only to cry a bit more. It was cathartic and freeing, knowing that his Jungkook-ie was still here for him. ––– They were lying in bed, facing one another as Jungkook held on his wrists, stroking the bracelets. “Bas?”

[72] Yoongi smiles, his ears flopping over the side of his face. “Yeah... For Bastet. Goddess of protection, pleasure–” Jungkook giggles, sending him a cheeky wink and it takes everything in Yoongi not to have his way with him right then and there. “Behave! And good health.

[73] It’s why people kept coming up to me. The two girls had fevers, I think. And the old man’s posture was very poor. It wasn’t too life-threatening so I was still able to come back home with enough energy but…”

[74] “But it still took a lot.” Jungkook frowns, rubbing his thumb on Yoongi’s cheek. “I’m sorry I was so useless. I could’ve carried you home if I’d known.” Yoongi laughs, rolling his eyes. “Just because you go to the gym doesn't mean I'd need to be carried all the time, baby.”

[75] Jungkook shrugs and smirks. “Psh. See if I ever carry you now. Even when we–” Yoongi gasps, rolling on top of Jungkook and covering his lips with both hands. “Don’t ever say that ever again. I'll take it back!”

[76] It’s easy to go back to their usual banter; the shock of his identity is a thing of the past and Jungkook comes to the conclusion that he’s basically a god, too, for having one fall in love with him.

[77] “Mmmkay, baby.” Yoongi says softly, head cushioned on Jungkook’s chest and ready to hit the hay to recharge. “Whatever will help you sleep at night.” “No, I’m serious. Maybe it’s time I walk around naked to show how godly I am. It’s good I always have baby oil on me, huh.”

[78] The cat hybrid nods, eyes already closing and mind already so far away. “'K, babe.” “And maybe…” –––

[79] Jungkook tried to hide his giggle behind his hands, but he feared it was much too wide to conceal it. He loved Yoongi with all his heart but he had finally got introduced to the limitations of this relationship.

[80] He was downstairs with Yoongi’s parents, watching a drama about affairs and babies switched at birth when the thuds of stomps were heard and Yoongi came around the corner and declared he was ready to leave. Jungkook thought he had reached his quota of surprises today yet

[81] seeing the lime green crocheted hat on Yoongi's head, in what looked to be designed to be chicken legs, did him in. He didn’t even know he was clutching Yoongi’s mother's arm until she patted him and to his horror, he saw that her ears were standing straight up.

[82] “We know, son. We know.” The cat-hybrid frowns, adjusting the hat on his head. “Did I wear it backwards?” Yoongi’s father chuckles with a hint of dismay. “The problem, my dear Bas, is that you wore it /at all./ I know I suggested it awhile ago and I am willing to admit my

[83] faults.” He faces his wife and Jungkook, bowing low. “My apologies. I forgot how horrible it looked. This one’s on me.” Yoongi’s mother reaches over Jungkook to pat her husband’s head. “We all make mistakes, dear. This one’s a big one, but we’ll get through this.”

[84] The tender exchange almost brings a tear to Jungkook’s eye. And the tears flow freely when he looks up again and sees how done Yoongi looked with the three of them. “I’m leaving without you!”

[85] Jungkook nearly falls over trying to chase after Yoongi, leaving the two and their boisterous laughter as he closes the door behind. ––– There were so many people at the open field and Jungkook, having napped twice hours prior to coming here, had so much energy.

[86] To his surprise, nobody really bothered Yoongi to ask for a blessing. “You laugh,” Yoongi says with a smirk, fastening the ties with large pom poms under his chin again. “But people really don’t exactly clamor over being blessed by someone who would willingly wear this.”

[87] Jungkook bumps into his hip, taking a bite of the cotton candy they were sharing. “Or… They’re so intimidated by my good looks that they can’t come close. Who knows…?” –––

[88] Jungkook was holding Yoongi close when they reached the tallest point of the ferris wheel. He kisses Yoongi’s head, squeezing tight. “I love you a lot, hyung. Even before I knew about the whole god thing, and even after. The only thing that’s going to change is that I’ll

[89] love you more tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that. I love you even if you wear things like this ugly hat.” Yoongi looks up at him and he expects to see the gummy smile he loved so much. Instead, he sees tears, reflected by the moon and stars that shone

[90] brightly outside their gondola. Jungkook moves to gently wipe them away, kissing his eyes after. “And I’m sorry again for my reaction this afternoon. I should’ve protected you; I should’ve been stronger.”

[91] The cat hybrid is quick to shake his head, the eagerness making the whole cart move wildly and they stare at one another in silence, not even taking one single breath until it stills again. “No more apologizing, baby.”

[92] Jungkook leans down to capture Yoongi’s lips, the exchange so delicate yet filled with passion and love. They break apart once the ride runs again, kissing again between smiles. “I love you, too. Thanks for accepting me, and thank you for not leaving.”

[93] Jungkook scoffs. Leave Yoongi? As if he ever could. “I mean, of course you love me. I /am/ a god, after all…” Yoongi waits until they get off the ride to smack him, followed by another quick peck. –––

[94] Yoongi detaches from his hold to jog past the roller coasters and straight to the carnival games, the pom poms and both chicken legs of his hat flapping in all directions. Jungkook didn’t know how the other could withstand the stares from everyone but he couldn’t deny that

[95] the abomination was starting to grow on him. Jungkook smiles, looking around and noticing plenty of people staring at Yoongi but he pays them no mind. He sees Yoongi turn around, pointing at a large stuffed bunny and with a smug grin he jogs toward, gearing himself up to

[96] impress and win his boyfriend every single prize he wants. He places some coins in the handler's palm, cracking his knuckles and winding his arms. Yoongi had surprised him today but now it was his turn to return the favor.

[97] He regrets not applying baby oil on his abs and biceps beforehand but he'd have to make do. “Hyung, watch this…”

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