love 🫧 // in my delulu era

love 🫧 // in my delulu era



#sakuatsu #skts // angst with a happy ending, sad atsumu, comforting kiyoomi “I’m just saying, Kageyama is the best setter. Like ever.” Hinata said, holding his glass up, pointing it at Bokuto. “No he’s not! It’s Akaashi.” Bokuto argued back. His arms flew up in the air as +

he stared at the redhead aghast. “You’re only saying Kageyama because you worked with him.” “You’re only saying Akaashi because you went to school with each other!” Hinata fired back. “And Akaashi doesn’t even play. How can he be better than an active player, huh?” +

The atmosphere was comfortable and happy. Playful bickering over food and drinks was a common occurrence with the team. And with Hinata coming back from his off season, it was almost as if nothing changed. Inunaki raised his glass, trying to get everyone’s attention. “What +

about Oikawa-san? He’s amazing. Both in Joan and Argentina.” He piped in, raising an eyebrow. Hinata chuckled and put his hands up in defence. “Yeah, maybe. He’s a great player, but he’s no Kageyama.” Hinata said, continuing his praise for for his late setter. +

“It goes: Kageyama, Oikawa-san, and if we’re including former players, that guy from Shiritorizawa, Kenma, Akaashi…” “Akaashi is not number five!” Bokuto exclaimed. “Calm down. No one is discrediting your boyfriend.” Inunaki teased. “Be grateful he’s on the list.” +

From the table, the majority laughed at this silly competition. All but two. Sakusa who didn’t care about the conversation and stayed on his phone for the majority of it, and Atsumu, who was looking down at his lap. His face felt hot in embarrassment and defeat. They didn’t +

even mention him. No one brought him up. Was he a good player? Or even a mediocre player? His eyes stung, and he was trying to regulate his breathing. Atsumu wanted to chime in and call them out for not mentioning him, albeit playfully, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t want to *

face that truth. So instead, he stood up while accidentally banging the table, brushed himself off, and made a beeline towards the bathroom. “Uh, Atsumu?” Inunaki called out warily. Atsumu couldn’t give him a response. If he did, the water works would stop. That would be +

embarrassing. Once Atsumu stepped foot into the bathroom, the weight on his shoulder sagged him down, the tears started falling and he felt weak. He had to hold himself up by the grimy bathroom sink. +

Were they right? Was he not a good setter? He was confident, almost arrogant. Was that misplaced? He always wanted to look after his members to make them the best they can be? Was that not enough? Was anything he did enough? His mind fell back to when he was in grade school +

with Osamu, who told him that the setter was the best position. That was the position Osamu was assigned to. But Atsumu took it in the long run. Was Osamu right about him but being the best? More tears fell from his face, his breathing irregular. +

Suddenly, the door creaked open and Atsumu looked up and stared at the mirror. Behind him was Sakusa, masked up and all. The two made eye contact in the middle of Atsumu furiously wiping his tears away. “Do you need to wash your hands?” Atsumu asked, trying his best to +

deflect the scene Sakusa just came into. “Yes.” It was a simple statement. And whether if Sakusa really intended to do that, or check up on him remained a mystery to Atsumu. Atsumu moved out the way, clinging his back to the wall. The occasional tear still ran down his +

face, and he was forcing himself to breathe normally. His night was already struck low, he can’t have another instance of embarrassment. Almost a minute of silence cut through the two men in the bathroom. Sakusa wasn’t looking at Atsumu and Atsumu’s gaze was fixed on the +

wall across from him. “If it means anything to you, you’d be in my top three best players.” Sakusa stated. His deep voice cut through the air like butter. “Oh thanks. Where do I place? Third?” Atsumu said, forcibly playful. “No, that would be for my middle school setter. +

Second, would be Izuna.” Sakusa replied back, his tone serious. He grabbed himself a few paper towel sheets and dried his hands off. Atsumu’s mind was reeling. He wasn’t Sakusa’s third or second. He was his first. Out of the powerful setters Sakusa bad in his life, he ranked +

Atsumu at the top. “The others ranked subjectively. While they were doing that, people need to take in account if objective and subjective material.” Sakusa finished. “And you fit the bill on both stances.” With the finality of what Sakusa said, Atsumu felt like crying once +

again. Sakusa, a cold and stoic teammate, told him he was the best. Not Kageyama, not Oikawa, but him. A few extra tears fell from Atsumu’s warm face. “I’ll leave you to freshen up.” Sakusa said, patting Atsumu’s shoulder. He walked to the door and gently nudged it open. +

“Don’t let their petty fight discourage your abilities Miy— Atsumu. You’re better than that.” Sakusa was right. He was better than that. Dare Atsumu would say, he’s the best.

// fin!! please enjoy!! it was so fun to write!!

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