Trading Warz

Trading Warz



After 7+ years trading I blew up 20k in 2 months then turned 5k into 80k I will MAKE SURE you don't Make the SAME Mistakes I did Here are my 3 BEST tips that saved my account (#3 is my KEY)๐Ÿงต

1/ Risk Management It's not about being perfect or always accurate it's about making sure your avg winner > avg loser With a 2:1 R/R I only need to be right 34% of the time Here is a summary table of WR% from my book Video:

2/ Position Sizing You never know which trade will be a winner or loser Keep your sizing the same for every trade and do not get married to any of them regardless of the pattern 1-2% for large accounts 5-10% for small accounts Video guide:

3/ Automate your trading The biggest reason for failure trading is usually our own emotions of fear, fomo and revenge trading Use automation to set an entry stop loss and target the night before so the broker does the work Video Guide:

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