My life has gotten so much better since I started creating content on Twitter. • Over 250 million Impressions • 200K followers in 20 months • Unlocked passive income options Here's how I did it and you can do it:

📌 1. Make your place in the well-established tech community This sounds tough, but actually, it is not. You need to put content that serves value. It's essential to niche down when in the initial days. For example, I posted only CSS arts and nothing else when I started.

Why? Obviously, you can put diverse content but we need to tell the community, "hey, I am X and I am good at Y technology." This will bring quick light to your profile.

Once people start recognizing you by your content, you can push your niche's boundaries. I started with CSS, but now I post about - Web development - React - APIs - audience building tips - Motivational - and much more

📌 2. Frequency of your tweet I analyzed many profiles, and one glitch I found is the inconsistency in the initial phase. Everything takes time. Try to post as many tweets/threads as possible in the beginning.

📌 3. Do you actually need planning before posting? Social media is not all about sharing resources and content only. You can also share some random stuff related to your day-to-day life. And I guess there is no planning required for this type of tweet.

Some big and fully-fledged thread needs a little bit of planning so that we can deliver stuff accurately and in proper sequence. For example: While writing this thread, I have already written some key points

📌 4. Don't be a content bot Remember, Twitter is a social media platform. Posting something related to your life, work, or other details would prevent you from being a content bot. Hence don't just put content or resources, talk a little bit about other stuff as well.

📌 5. Hashtags I'm not sure whether hashtags increase the reach of your tweets, but to the human, hashtags make your tweets unpromising. I used to use hashtags but only two or at most three, and once I crossed 500 followers, I never used hashtags again.

I have seen many accounts using hashtags in their bio. Immediately remove them, they are just making your profile look spammy. Just an opinion.

📌 6. Optimize your bio Your bio should be short, concise, coherent, and to the point. Check mine 👇🏻

Writing something in your bio which can be motivational to others is a plus point. Do you have years of experience? Mention that. Are you young? Mention that.

📌 7. Reply, Reply, and Reply Social media is nothing without interaction. Thank you! I agree! Awesome stuff! This is not interaction. If you agree with someone's tweet don't just write I agree, give a proper reason why you agree. For example 👇🏻

For example, "I agree with you. This and that are my supportive points here." "I agree" simply kills the conversation.

📌 8. Consider yourself as a part of your audience This is the key point for me and it helps me to come up with new and interesting ideas for my content. I try to cover some difficult and tricky concepts in which I faced difficulties when I first learned them.

📌 9. Put your true values Nothing can be achieved without effort. Try to help others as much as you can. I help others by writing long threads and creating handmade cheatsheets.

📌 10. Try to win the trust of your audience Social media is all about building trust online. Contribute to the community as much as you can so that people start loving you.

I'm not saying building an audience is easy. Actually, it's tough, but everything becomes a cakewalk once you get used to it. I spent 6-7 hours per day on Twitter when I was building an audience from scratch.

I hope this thread will help you. Follow me @Prathkum because this motivates me to keep writing. With that being said, Peace out! 😉

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