Here's a full strategy designed for beginner ICT students without making your head hurt! (More In-depth Version) Doesn't require daily bias. Complete guide A-Z (With Pictures)⬇️

What is the strategy? It's simple... Liquidity + OB Usually we need to know what the daily bias is so that we know which liquidity levels are valid to play, but finding daily bias can be tough for new traders, so we are getting rid of it for this strat specifically.

So let's start with some basic rules we want to set in place! - Only trading ES - Only allowed to place trades from 9:30am to 11:59am EST - Risking MAX 1% of account per play (.5% is ideal)

Now let's finally get started! Step 1: Find a daily, 1h, or 15m low/high, these will be your liquidity levels. Liquidity must be purged AFTER 9:30am EST

Step 2: Once buy-side liquidity is purged, wait for the body of a candle to confirm below the highest green candle (this is an OB) on the 5m timeframe like in the pic below. For sell-side liquidity, wait for the body of a candle to confirm below the highest red candle

Step 3: Wait for price to enter back into the OB, enter your trade at the body of the OB candle with stop loss at the end of the OB

Step 4: Have your TP at the next 15m or 1h low/high

An important thing to remember is that this strategy is not designed to help you be able to predict the market to exact price points, it's to help you make money.

Average winning trades can range anywhere from 2R to 10R, this means you only need to be right on your analysis 33% of the time to be PROFITABLE, not break even.

Your gonna experience losers and you cannot let those losers affect you at all.

Why you have to follow the rules mentioned above? Most losing trades using this strategy occur outside of the trading time zone I have layed out.

Some of you also may ask about avoiding invalid liquidity, most of the time invalid liquidities are automatically avoided due to price not closing below the OB

I will be streaming this strategy on a live account from 9:30am EST on this youtube Monday-Friday (It's a new acc)

Made a video version of this thread with examples

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