8 ways to reduce your heating bill. A thread 👇🏾 Here are some really easy ways to insulate your home for CHEAP that can help reduce your heating use. I have many of these in my home and they have been so beneficial. #energycrisis #energybills #CostOfLivingCrisis

1. Window Draught Excluders (£10.99 for 4.9m) Add this all around the inner perimeter of your window whilst open. This will seal the window and cover any gaps reducing cold air coming through. V cheap and I found this easy to put on myself. Amazon Link:

2. Door Draught excluders (£24) You can put a sausage beanie at the bottom of the door to stop the heat escaping (£24). I have this at my front door and it’s very good.Or you can put a brush seal instead (£5). Beanie: Brush Seal:

3. Window glazing Sheets (£12) I can imagine this being good for conservatory doors. This insulating film stops heat escaping through the windows & reduces condensation. Good alternative if you can’t afford double glazing windows. Amazon Link:

4. Radiator reflectors(£7) This one is amazing. Put it behind the radiator & it returns the heat energy back into the room. You’ll notice a big difference! Make sure that no furniture is blocking the radiator so it can do its job properly. Screwfix Link:

5. Pipe Insulation (Approx £1) I do not have this as I don’t have any visible pipes in my home but if you live in a old built home your pipes may be visible throughout. Cover them with pipe insulation. Really cheap to do! Screwfix Link:

6. Thick/ Thermal curtains (Price Varies) Thick curtains help keep the heat in your home. The curtains must touch the floor so that there are no gaps for heat loss! You can go a step further & add net curtains. It won’t keep in heat like curtains but 2 layers is better than one.

7. Bleed your radiators Bleed your radiators twice a year. There is trapped air in your radiator and it won’t warm up properly until you ‘bleed it’. This will make sure it’s working properly and giving you your monies worth of having the heating on.

8. Some other tips: - Don’t not leave the doors open! - Keep switching utility providers. - Invest in a smart Thermostat. Some companies install them for free. - Check for window and door draught spots by running your hand around & feeling for cold air. Ok I’m done ✌🏾

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