Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊

Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊



From age 20-55, do this for atleast 6 months and you'll return wealthier than 97% of people...

1. Sleep 5-6 hours It's hard at first but you'll adjust with time Make your bed a safe haven for sleep. A good night sleep will help you focus 10x better the following day.

Do this and fix your sleep; • Be active during the day • Invest in your beddings • Eat 3hrs before bed • Wear comfortable pyjamas or sleep naked ( Recommended; sleep naked) 5-6 hrs will be enough.

2. Wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 am 99% of people dread at waking up early But this saves you 2-3 hours. Cultivate successful people habits; • Make your bed • Take a glass of water (or 2) • Hit push ups/ a walk • Read for 100 minutes Success is hidden in your daily routine.

3. Spend at least 100 minutes of your day reading ALL financially free people are obsessed with learning. Financial education can be self taught. Start by reading these books; • Mastery • Atomic habits • Think and grow rich Which book do you recommend?

Use the knowledge you obtain and earn with it. The ultimate modern flex is; • Peace of mind • Being filthy rich • A great physique Simplicity is the ONLY sustainable form of wealth.

4. Build a writing habit Download your thoughts on paper and you'll achieve any goal 10x faster This should guide you; • Write your goals down • State the process to follow • Visualize the end product • Take a course of action Create goals and hold yourself accountable.

5. Spend 80% of your day alone To get creative, embrace solitude This'll help you ; • Reduce stress • Boost your happiness • Increase your mental strength

Be active in your lone time; Do this; • Take a pen + notebook • Go for a walk (quiet place) • No phone/music • Carry a fruit or water (Recommended)

6. Take risks Fear of the unknown should motivate you to risk a lot. You can control just too little. • Open new businesses • Meet top executives • Take that scary deal Ensure you're risking in assets.

7. Have 3+ streams of income 99% of people chase money, only 1% make it. You don't have to to quit your 9-5. Use it to; • Save and start a business offline • Set your offline businesses in order • Seek advice from a mentor and start a business online ( min $500)

Now, with the online business; • Sell a book/guide • Create online course • Have a blog and monetize • Offer mentorship program Don't rely on a single source of income.

Let's get #better together Follow @Wealth_Pill and you'll learn more on; • Making money online • Persuasive writing • Business ideas • Creativity • Life

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