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As from today, AVOID these people and save yourself 99% of problems in life...

1. People pleasers People care less about you. Avoid anyone who's pleasing people or dragging you to. People pleasers are sad and insecure.

2. Broke and lazy These betray fast. If you have more than them, then every action will be to bring you down.

3. The paranoid Radical change and acceptance should be the only way. Avoid people who feel like everything is about them—or anyone is against them. Fear and mistrust are poison to progress.

4. Control freaks No one should order you around—no matter who they're. You should also avoid being one. People aren't as agreeable as you think.

5. Sympathy seekers People hate neediness. Learn to support yourself and that'll be your superpower. You can't expect help from anyone since people are always complaining.

6. The unlucky You pay a higher price for spending time with these. From their history of inconsistency, the unlucky are convinced life is unfair. They don't try as hard.

7. The quick to anger The fastest way to an early grave is to associate with the irrational. 85% of murder cases are out of anger. At least spend time with people with second thought.

8. The dishonest Jealousy is common is most relationships. Anyone will lie to gain what they want. If you realize a friend or partner has been dishonest, cut them off— History repeats itself.

9. The attached People are attached to; - Their past achievements - Possessions - Self-image If you meet such, avoid them. You're better off alone.

10. Gossipers These snitch on you unawares. They're always talking. Gossipers also spy a lot on you and others. Cut yourself from gossip on; • News updates • Celebraties • Politics Spend your time improving your life.

11. The ungrateful People expect a lot and give too little. You should surround yourself with those who appreciate what they got—and work to achieve more. No matter what you offer they'll never appreciate.

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