atlas🦐 soup haver

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sakuatsu, pre-relationship, atsu is cute but insecure, omi is cute and nice about it:) ---- "it's fun to do, eh?" as soon as the question comes, atsumu stops. he was holding the straps of his bag, wiggling his hands around. +

it's not a concious thing, most of the time. he just... has to move sometimes. "ah, i'm sorry om-kun!" he knows people always think it's annoying, distracting, even when there's nothing to distract from. they're waiting for the bus after practice, just the two of them. +

they stayed for extra practice, and slowly everyone left until it was just them. atsumu had been excited to spend some one on one time with omi, but now his stomach is heavy with the thought of him having subconciously annoyed kiyoomi all this time. +

"hey, i didn't say you had to stop", kiyoomi says, the frown audible in his tone. it makes atsumu stop for a second time. like, a record scratch, freeze frame, break-the-fourth-wall kinda moment. "huh?" +

"you can continue, i didn't mean to make you stop, i'm sorry." the gears in atsumu's head must be taking too long to turn for kiyoomi, as he adds on. "you don't think it's annoying?" +

atsumu hates how small he sounds, but he's been told his excessive moving is a bad habit he needs to quit many times before. he'd hate for omi to get tired of him this quick too. "no? i often do it too, it's... distracting?" +

atsumu's shoulders tense up, but kiyoomi is quick to continue, "no, wait, not like that. it's releasing, for any extra energy i have and it's just mindless, i don't have to think of doing it. hence the distracting." +

atsumu thinks he might need a new heart after today, because his is about to burst. kiyoomi, the man of his dreams... doesn't mind his annoying habits? he must be dreaming. "besides," he adds, slightly blushing and looking forward again, "it's cute." +

atsumu feels his head turn red too. he looks away, faintly registering the way his hands find the straps of his backpack again. perhaps omi hasn't grown tired of him yet, after all.

//hi yes i do this and people tell me it's distracting but this is basically what happened between me and my friend/crush except the "it's cute" part (i wish) so yeet

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