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Before becoming an IAS officer, I worked in the corporate sector. From my experience, 10 things you should do, to excel and stand out at your workplace. A thread🧡

Be sincere: This is an obvious thing to say but cannot be overstressed. Be very sincere about your work. Don't have a lackadaisical approach towards it. Meet deadlines, be punctual & professional. 2/n

Knowledge: After getting a job, we feel that we only learn on the job. We stop reading and finding out the latest in the field. Read from books, journals, twitter etc about the latest in your field. Knowledge gets you respect 3/n

Be respectful: Be respectful towards seniors, colleagues and especially Juniors. Respect goes a long way in earning you a special place in people's mind 4/n

Capitalize on opportunities There are sometimes unique opportunities that come up to showcase your talent. You must capitalize on them. Can be in the form of some project, a presentation, organizing some event etc. People remember these things 5/n

Learn to say no: While you have to be sincere, learn to say no to unreasonable requests. Otherwise you will be miserable and it'll show in your work. If you feel the deadline is too difficult to meet, let them know that you'll try, but it's difficult to meet 6/n

Take responsibility: You must take on extra responsibility if you can. That'll make you stand out. But make sure that people are respecting that. Otherwise you will end up being the workhorse without anyone respecting you for it. 7/n

Network: If you are like me, you hate networking. But I have learnt, you must talk to people. Don't have to be overly extrovert, but be genuinely interested in people. You will be noticed more 8/n

Listen: Problems in communication can derail a good corporate career. The most important thing in that is to listen. Don't be in a hurry to respond. 9/n

Don't gossip: Even though it may be interesting, it puts you in very bad light. Discuss ideas and thoughts rather than people. Otherwise your gossip buddies will also talk lightly about you. 10/n

Smile: A cheerful demeanour can go a long way in making you stand out as a good worker and a good human being. n/n

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