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#sakuatsu | tatted Kiyoomi and stupidly horny Atsumu It's not like it was a secret, really He knew Kiyoomi preferred the compression wear under his clothes mostly for the comfort of it than to presumably 'hide something' So really, it wasn't a big deal

But those thoughts seemed to flew out the window the second he stepped into the locker room He had stayed behind to practice more on his new serve, because while it was good, he knew he could always do better, and he wanted that, he wanted to do perfect

So, with that in mind, it wasn't really a surprise when he found that there was no trace of another person in the building, apart from the janitor, other than him Or that's what he thought, as he quickly moved to discard his shirt only for the motion to stop suddenly

His arms were raised over his torso, leaving his shirt to cover only his shoulders as his mouth hung open at the sight in front of him Right there, before his two questionable functional eyes, stood Kiyoomi, Omi-Omi, Sakusa fucking Kiyoomi

The only thing covering his modesty being a loose towel around his hips, but other than that, his whole body And Atsumu means it when he says whole Covered in dark ink, from the veins marking on his v-line, all the way up to his -sculpted like hard rocks- stomach

To his broad shoulders, ending on his long, muscular arms It was like a ridiculous amount of black paint was thrown over a completely white canvas, in the best way possible The ink colored his body with delicate, but not less prominent, lines

Fading at the edges of every one of them, where a piece of art ended and a new one started, so perfectly that it seemed like a part of his skin Like that was Kiyoomi And really, Atsumu wouldn't be making a big deal out of this if it wasn't because, again, it was Kiyoomi

He couldn't be blamed either, the man never showed his body apart from the faint displays of skin that the uniforms showed and that his compression wear couldn't cover He was always the first one in the showers, already clean and dressed by the time the team made it to them

Or the last one in them, waiting patiently until the last one of his teammates left And it's not like Kiyoomi was a prude or something like that, he just preferred compatibility over fashion and appreciated a time of needed silence after every practice, some alone time

So really, he couldn't be blamed Not even when the staring started to be more that obvious and his mouth became dry, leaving his tongue raspy and his throat hoarse And yes, it was definitely for that reason, not because he was suddenly struck with the realization that, yes

Sakusa Kiyoomi could, indeed, get hotter But his train of thoughts was suddenly forced to a stop the moment a deep and really, really sexy voice met his ears "You okay, Miya?" Fuck him and his ridiculous hotness Or fuck me while being ridiculously hot He wasn't picky

"Wha- Yeah, I just... Yeah." What a genius "Yeah, you sure seem like it." And really, something was definitely wrong with him if the mockery was making his blood rise to his cheeks "It's just... Ya have tattoos..." "And you have two pair of eyes, good for you."

"No, it's not- since when?" The aftershock of the new found information was making his brain speed faster than he deemed safe "Since third year of high school. Thought you knew." What!? He? How? "Since when now?" He was definitely looking ridiculous right now

But he couldn't help it, the thought of third year Kiyoomi, who by that time was already the main character on every one of his dreams, walking around with black ink covering and tracing his hard worked muscles made things to him that, he thought, were left on his teenage years

"It's not like I was trying to hide it, I just thought you already knew." Amd that statement alone made him want to scream into a pillow "How was I supposed to know that? I've never even seen you without a shirt on." "Like I said, it's not like it was a secret."

And just then did he notice that the man in front was already getting dressed, tight boxer briefs leaving nothing to the imagination and taking part on the list of reasons for Atsumu to fucking lose it But what really did make Miya Atsumu completely speechless

Was the view he had of the man's back once he turned to put his shirt on, sweatpants already hanging low on his hips, leaving on full display the smoky tattoo covering the span of it It was really, truly a piece of work

And for a brief moment, Atsumu wondered what it would feel like under his touch, how it would look along with the red marks provided by his nails But just as he came out of his trance, once again, by a low voice echoing on the room

He found the other already standing by the door, and just before he left, before Atsumu could fund anything else to say to be able to stare just for a while longer, he spoke again "And by the way, about the shirtless thing, I think we could fix that, if you're interested."

What? "Bye, Miya." Wait, what!? If the red and blubbering mess of a man that was left behind on a late night on his gym's locker room was found muttering curses to some Sakusa Kiyoomi, it was no one's business

And if said man also spent a noticeably longer amount of time in the showers before leaving, it's was no one's problem other than his, really Damn Sakusa Kiyoomi and his work-of-art-like body

//not sure what this is honestly, but Kiyoomi with tattoos invaded my brain and I obviously had to do something about it, that something ended on making it Atsumu's and everyone else's problem as well, thank u

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