#sakuatsu Skts dating in high school is honestly so cute, their just blushy teenagers that are inlove with each other. It's the first time they both ever felt like they wanted a relationship to last.+

Omi finds Atsumu annoying, hes insufferable. He's likes that one fly that flies around you and it's just annoying. But here he is dating him. Atsumu on the other hand? It's just funny to tease Kiyoomi, he's that type of person that'll give you+

a reaction that makes you laugh, maybe it's just Atsumu who relates to it, but he loves annoying Kiyoomi. He even thought Kiyoomi hated him at first! But one day when they decided to hang out, he sees Kiyoomi in a distance and waves to him.+

But Kiyoomi is marching towards him with his eyebrows furrowed, oh no. Kiyoomi steps closer to him and then when he's in Atsumu's space, he goes "You. Stop making me feel these things and date me." all while pointing a finger at Atsumu.+

Honestly, that was the last thing he thought Kiyoomi would say, but he accepted anyway. So then instead of hanging out, Atsumu calls it a "date". Okay maybe they like each other a bit too much and don't want this to end, what's wrong with that right?+

Atsumu realizes he's fucked when one day, he visits Kiyoomi. It's snowing heavily, and his nose is definietly red from sneezing too much, oh no, he shouldn't be seen like this. He realizes it's too late when Kiyoomi opens the front door, +

eyes widening at the sight of Atsumu. Damnit, this was suppose to be a surprise! Kiyoomi immediately rushes him inside to get him a blanket and some hot chocolate, Kiyoomi sits him infront of the fireplace before joining afterwards.+

"You're so stupid, you could've atleast brought a few layers of clothing before coming here. Now you're gotta catch a cold," Kiyoomi scolds, making Atsumu pull the blanket, hiding his body even more. He pouts and looks away from the raven haired, embarrassed. +

Kiyoomi frowns when Atsumu stays silent, before he turns his head and then cups Atsumu's cheeks with both of his hands. "You're stupid," he presses a kiss on Atsumu's forehead. "Always making people worry about you." then a kiss in between Atsumu's eyebrows.+

"Making me worry about you." A kiss on his nose. "Dumbass." Then on his lips. When he pulls away, there's a slight blush on his cheeks. Atsumu opens his arms before wrapping them around Kiyoomi, covering them both in the blanket.+

Atsumu squishes his face in Kiyoomi's chest, man, his cheeks are heating up, and he isn't even sure if it's from the cold or not. "M'sorry," he apologies, raising his head to look at Kiyoomi. The raven haired sighs, "It's alright," Kiyoomi finally hugs him back+

even tighter. "I'm... happy you're here," He mumbles, loud enough for the young setter to hear. "I've missed you," Kiyoomi admits and pouts slightly, he presses both of their foreheads together, the unmistakeable blush on his cheeks.+

Atsumu feels himself blush at that, aw, Kiyoomi, the grumpy spiker from Itachiyama misses him? He would tease, if he had the energy. His eyelids feel heavy, he barely had any sleep on the train because he was too excited to see his boyfriend.+

"Me too Omi," Atsumu says, smiling at him. Kiyoomi must've suspected something because he ended up asking "Are you tired?", which makes Atsumu nod. "Wait here, I'll be back," was the last thing he said before he let go of Atsumu and went upstairs.+

Kiyoomi returns with some pillows and blankets. He sets some things up before he makes Atsumu lie down. "Mmm... My boyfriend is taking such good care of me," Atsumu teases, leaning into Kiyoomi's hand that's on his cheek. "Shut up and sleep,"+

Kiyoomi scolds him, but he closes his eyes anyway. Kiyoomi's hand was always cold, but somehow it feels warmer. The blanket's thick, and the heat from the fireplace is nice too. He feels a kiss on his forehead before he finally falls asleep, holding Kiyoomi's hand. How nice.

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