Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



Do you think that ever since the twins were little they’d give each other one birthday kiss first thing in the morning? It had started innocently, with their Ma always coming into their room to give them each a big kiss on the forehead. “A special birthday kiss for my boys.”

It was a little tradition they kept even as they grew up. One time a year where they could be soft with each other and wish the other a happy birthday. Soon enough, the kiss on the forehead turned into a soft peck on the lips, and later on, when they were already 17 each +

It turned into an actual kiss. Always soft and tender, but a kiss nonetheless. “Happy birthday, Tsumu.” Osamu would always say after pulling away. “Happy birthday, Samu.”

So imagine them as adults now, 24 each, and not being able to wake up next to each other somedays when Atsumu is off for out of state games or Osamu is busy working at the shop. Imagine Atsumu RUSHING to Onigiri Miya the second he’s back in Osaka after a game in Tokyo.

And it’s late, and their birthday is almost over, but he has enough time to cross the empty shop and give osamu the kiss they have both been waiting since that very morning when Osamu called him to wish him a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday, Samu.” Osamu smiles, kissing Atsumu again, a warm hand settled on the back of his neck. “Took ya long enough this year. Happy birthday, Tsumu.”

// anyways happy birthday to my fav twins hope they have lots of birthday kisses 😚

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