1/9 Dynamo will be a reality soon through the help of @BalancerGrants. We are very thankful for the help the Balancer community has given us.

2/9 After months of work @Dynamofinance is now in the development stage. Soon enough you'll be able to optimize your liquidity by tapping into the Dynamo infrastructure.

3/9 Dynamo activates idle liquidity by taking advantage of defi's composability. The integration of yield aggregation with liquidity provision will unlock the next wave of liquidity in defi.

4/9 Superfluid liquidity will play an essential role as defi scales. Dynamo aims to accelerate its adoption as the defi space makes the transition towards it.

5/9 The development of yield-optimized liquidity will enable Dynamo to accelerate the adoption of decentralized stablecoins by developing a liquidity base layer that's suitable for their adoption.

6/9 And through the same approach Dynamo will also be able to enhance the decentralization of the Ethereum staking derivative market through the Ethereum base pool.

7/9 Decentralisation is a guiding principle for us and it's what we strive for. Our objective is to decentralize the defi space further, and we are building Dynamo with this objective in mind.

8/9 We envision a future without redundant intermediaries where people are able to engage in productive financial activity without arbitrary exclusion. This is what we are building for.

9/9 And by building for that future we are able to accelerate its manifestation. We are coming soon.

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