Miyacest Atsumu was the outright clingier twin. He liked to hold hands, to cuddle, always wanted to be within arms reach of each other. But it was Osamu who got meaner the longer he went without Atsumu. Always snippy, on edge. People gave him a wide berth whenever he was missing

Atsumu. When they reunited though, things tended to get explosive. “Show me how much ya missed me, darlin’,” Osamu pushed further down his brother’s throat, feeling it convulse. Atsumu’s moan turned into a gargle as Osamu fucked forward. “Show me how sorry ya are fer leaving

me.” Atsumu’s shoulder shook, his arms behind his back like his brother had told him to. He hadn’t been allowed to touch since he got home. “Make me cum, and maybe I’ll believe ya missed me. That yer sorry,” Osamu slapped Atsumu’s cheek softly. “Get to it.”

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