The rules of Miya Atsumu's "Ask Me Anything" were fairly simple: 1. One question per person 2. Nothing too risqué!! 3. Only 20 questions will be answered Kiyoomi hoped the 50 Twitter accounts he'd made just for this moment would be enough. @/miyafan1 asks: Do you have a crush?

@/miyafan9 asks: Are you single? @/miyafan16 asks: Do you have a type? If so, what is it? @/miyafan33 asks: Are you interested in dating right now? @/miyafan50 asks: What are you looking for in a relationship? He wrote each question carefully, feeling exactly 13 years old.

He made sure there was nothing to connect him to any of the accounts. There was absolutely no way Atsumu could find out that Kiyoomi was the one behind them. Now all Kiyoomi could do was stalk Atsumu's profile for updates and beg the universe to let Atsumu notice him for once.

The next day, Atsumu stared down at his Twitter mentions with a confused frown. He'd gotten many questions about his love life (he was still reeling from the 10+ asking him if he was a top or bottom), but the ones from these @/miyafan accounts were different.

Besides the fact that they all had similar usernames, there was something familiar about the direct, proper writing style of the tweet. And when Atsumu clicked on each profile, he noticed they were all created at the same time. Hmm. Intrigued, Atsumu decided to answer one.

Do you have a crush? -- that's classified :P As Atsumu hit reply, something buzzed near him. He looked around the locker room and saw Sakusa pull his phone from his pocket. Atsumu held his breath. It could be a coincidence, or maybe--maybe-- But that was just wishful thinking.

No one could say Atsumu wasn't an optimist, however, when he replied to another @/miyafan tweet while watching Sakusa like a hawk. Are you single? -- not by choice :')) He hit reply. Buzz. Sakusa reached for his phone. Electricity shot down Atsumu's spine. No fucking /way/.

If the universe was going to pick one of the fever dream fantasies that Atsumu indulged in late at night, in which Sakusa actually liked him back, he'd have preferred the ones where Sakusa publicly and dramatically kissed him, or where Sakusa agreed to marry him on the spot.

But it's not like he's complaining. Because Atsumu is a little reckless and a lot desperate to get his hands on Sakusa already, Atsumu can't help himself from pulling out his phone the instant he and Sakusa were alone in the locker room. His hands shook as he typed out a reply.

Do you have a type? If so, what is it? -- i don't think it counts as a type if it's just one person Are you interested in dating right now? -- u could say that 😭 What are you looking for in a relationship? -- actually, i'm looking at him right now. Sakusa whipped his head up.

Atsumu was already staring back at him with the brightest, most shit eating grin in the world. "You knew it was me," Sakusa said, face carefully blank. "Omi-kun," Atsumu began, smiling, because his heart was full and his literal dreams were coming true right before his eyes.

"No one uses proper grammar on Twitter these days. Let alone 50 people with almost identical usernames." Sakusa's ears burned red. Atsumu kinda wanted to drag his tongue over them. "You really asked me if I had a crush. What grade are we in again? Am I late for geometry class?"

"Can you just tell me you like me back like a normal person," Sakusa huffed, but he was closing the distance between them and looking down at Atsumu’s lips and hell yeah, Atsumu didn't care anymore. "But this is so much more fun," he quipped back, already feeling breathless.

Atsumu's phone clattered to the floor as Sakusa pulled him into a kiss. He could hear the distant buzz of notifications, but ignored it in favor of soaking in the soft, breathy noises Sakusa was making against his lips. They'd have time for questions later.

new concept: i write a thread everytime i do WELL on an exam 😱

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