whormi 🔞 busy

whormi 🔞 busy



the miya twins still in high school, experimenting with each other, slowly dipping their toes into being together. making out in their dorm, atsumu perched tentatively on osamu’s lap, not even really sitting on him, but atsumu’s hand is curled tight around the back of osamu’s

neck for purchase, kissing osamu desperately; it’s enough to make osamu come in his pants. it’s humiliating, and he whimpers into atsumu’s mouth when it happens, while he feels his underwear dampen. he won’t hear the end of this, can already imagine the teasing he’ll have to

endure, but in the moment atsumu is moaning too, tightening his grip and kissing osamu more insistently, rocking down into his lap urgently. he doesn’t last long after that, osamu’s hands gripping his waist for dear life, spit sliding down his chin, the image of his brother

coming just from this—it’s perfect, and he finds himself coming too just as embarrassingly easy.

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