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#miyacest Maybe it’s the fact that the place is nearly deserted, or maybe everyone’s just as fucking drunk as they are, but when Atsumu and Osamu get on the mechanical bull and practically grind on each other, no one bats an eye.

They don’t kiss. Atsumu doesn’t think even they would be bold enough to do /that/ and get away with it, but there’s very little space between their mouths, and he knows the very next moment they’re away from judging eyes, they’ll be catching each other’s lips.

Right now is good, too, though. Right now, Osamu is a solid warmth beneath him, and his cock is snug against Atsumu’s. Nearly identical in length, and, right now, in hardness. Atsumu is so hard he’s leaking in his boxers, and he’s willing to bet his career that Osamu is, too.

“Want ya, Samu. Wanna cum for ya,” Atsumu whispers, and it’s like a siren call for Osamu who curses, grips the saddle til his knuckles are white, willing himself not to cum for his brother right then and there.

“Fuck, Tsumu,” he growls, partly in arousal, partly in reproach. “Not here.” “Where, then?” his twin growls back.

“Where” ends up being the alley by the parking lot, which is even more deserted than the bar. No one’s around to hear Atsumu cum into his hand as he chokes on his brother’s cock,

or if there were, they must have enjoyed the goddamn show because Osamu sure did, cumming so hard at the sight of Atsumu on his knees that the world turned white.

Finally, they kiss, and it’s open and wet and slow, and Osamu tastes himself on his brother’s tongue. It’s something he’ll never tire of, and will stay hungry for.

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