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Men’s Golden Years: Revised -Thread-

1/25 This is the no-bullshit, no-fluff version. If you’ve read the complete version, which is more of an article, this is the one you can refer to anytime you need a quick recap.

2/25 The world is a ruthless place; it does not care about your feelings. It does not care about what you deserve. It does not care about how smart you think you are.

3/25 It is up to you to make use of this fixed universal law to your advantage. Get up and go after it. Your twenties are your golden years, waste them and you waste your life.

4/25 Tackle the issue of women first, because if you don’t it will destroy you before you even start. Ignorance will come back to bite, and it will bite hard.

5/25 People get tied to relationships that end up destroying them because of ignorance. All it takes is one woman to destroy your life’s work.

6/25 Unplug yourself from the matrix. Take the red pill; vomit the garbage society has been feeding you. This is the first step on your journey.

7/25 Make money. Don’t listen to people telling you that there’s time and that you’re young.

8/25 You don’t have to get it right the first time. You’re allowed to make mistakes. Keep trying. Fail, but keep trying.

9/25 Know that the success you'll have will come from years of work. Rome was not built in a day.

10/25 Make your determination so brutal that you have to crawl your tired bones to bed for a night's rest. These are the years for the struggle; your rewards will come in time.

11/25 You don’t have time, time has you. Your lifetime is a tiny fraction of millennia, don’t delude yourself. Do everything as though your life depends on it because it does.

12/25 There was a time when men were warriors, whatever happened that we have the sort of men we have today. The average male today is a wimp trying to replicate the comfort of the womb.

13/25 It’s almost as though he wishes to crawl back to his mother’s arms. He wails and cries at how society isn’t fair. At how women are evil, and how the world is evil; at how broke he is, but never at his shortcomings.

14/25 Men conquered the world ages ago, men are conquering the world today. Don't be that guy, you can't afford to. You must win and that’s all there is.

15/25 Seek knowledge. You cannot trade this for anything. No amount of money can replace this. You must know.

16/25 Without knowledge, you will come to ruin. Get someone with the knowledge to manage your finances, your love life, and pretty much everything else. That person is you.

17/25 Your health is very important. Don’t get fat. Work out, eat right, and stop the fast foods, and junk you keep putting into your system.

18/25 Stop watching porn! I will not explain.

19/25 Do away with people you think are your friends. People who help you waste time. Drinking, partying, and gossiping. They are always in debt, never doing anything useful. They are not your friends.

20/25 They will help you destroy your life and future in an attempt to have a good time. You don’t need to have a good time now; you need to have a productive time. Progress is not for later, it is for now. Before you play, make sure you’ve worked twice as hard.

21/25 Change your circle. Associate with the achievers, the productive, and the intellectual. Stick with them and watch yourself grow.

22/25 Social media should be a tool for growth. Here is a pro tip: make your presence online limited, and when you are online, make it count. Stop being the bored guy looking for entertainment online.

23/25 There are people making millions online. And there are people getting in debt trying to showcase a lifestyle they can’t keep up with.

24/25 Television is not your friend. Instead of watching TV programs in your free time, listen to audio books and podcasts. Stop feeding yourself garbage. Watch documentaries instead.

25/25 In all your struggles, find peace. Actually, scratch that. There is no peace in this world till you’re dead. Never forget this. You will find peace when you embrace violence.

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