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This one change took a popup from 3.3% to 9.1%, all without changing the offer:

The concept behind this whole thread is the idea of the micro-yes If you’ve been in sales for any length of time you know exactly what I’m talking about. Building up your prospect with lay-up questions that they will of course say yes to.

Examples of this in life insurance could be something like this: Would you want your house paid off for your spouse in the event of an untimely death Would you want your kid's college to be paid for Would you like it if your spouse were able to quit work & focus on the family

These are all idealistic concepts. No one is going to say they would rather - their wife have a mortgage over their head - their kids to be riddled with student debt - their spouse to slave away at work to make up for only having 1 income

The micro-yes works because it is based on human psychology. Before we ever say the ultimate yes, there are many yes's to get us there. Now let’s think about how we can apply this to e-commerce.

Every single decision we make is a yes or a no. Before someone ever buys your product they make many micro yes’s

Examples of pre-purchase micro decisions for an ad/email Deciding to… Stop scrolling Read the content Make a click View the content in email/lp View a product

Examples cont/ Enter your email on a popup If the product makes sense for you If you are ok with the price If it ships fast enough Fill in information Enter your credit card Click purchase

This is just the decisions made for a first touch purchase. Think about the chain of yes’s/no’s that a product with a longer consideration time could have.

Now let’s apply this to our popup. What’s the easiest yes we could possibly ask someone when they land on our site? I think it’s if they want our offer or not.

Almost every brand you visit has a popup like this one. The retail equivalent of this popup is you walk into your favorite store, pick out your items, and go to checkout and an associate says “If you give me your email you can get 20% off”

Compare this to an associate who asks if you want the discount “Would you like to save 20% on your order today?” Obviously, everyone wants to save 20%. You just got your first yes.

Following this setup is how I took one brand from 3.3% collection to 9.1%

Practically speaking how are you going to do this? If you use Klaviyo/Just Uno just make a step before you display the collection form asking if they want your offer. Have 2 buttons - Yes / No - Yes continues to the next step - No closes out the popup That's it.

To recap... - Make it your goal across your website to make micro yes’s easy - By lining up micro yes’s you make the “ultimate ask” aka the sale an easier yes - Implement this on your popup with simple yes/no buttons - Watch your conversion rate shoot up

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