Mr. Saxobeat | struggle arc

Mr. Saxobeat | struggle arc



⚠️ incest Highschool KomoSaku going out of town for the weekend so they can do couple-y things without having to worry about running into those who know they're related. For once in his life Sakusa relaxes™ and Komori isn't on the brink of biting someone's nose off.

The day's going great for the two cousins until they run into Atsumu and his twin, who also seem to be out and about for the same reason, both groups not saying anything until they have a lightbulb moment.

Now the quartet makes 3 hour trips to wherever Atsumu's stupid magic 8-ball tells them to.

This goes on well into their adult careers to the point that the press thinks that it's just some wholesome family bonding thing (which isn't far off but also is nowhere close to the vision the public has in their heads).

Komori trying not to lose his shit laughing when Sakusa gets asked about his boyfriend, /Osamu/, at a sponsorship dinner party, and he has to choose his words carefully bcuz he can feel Atsumu burning holes into the back of his head with how hard he's staring.

Sakusa fumbles his words bcuz Komori won't stop giggling at his poor attempts to make a convincing enough answer and Atsumu refuses to help the poor man. "You're on your own" but said via telepathy and with the coldest side eye ever.

When they return home to their respective places Komori continues to laugh while doting on his sulking boyfriend, showering Sakusa with kisses and little sweet praises of how he did a good job at handling the invasive questions.

And Atsumu? Well...let's just say he and Osamu spend the weekend together.

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