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If you want to run a company, read Effective Executive. Or don’t, and end up like SBF. 30+ timeless lessons to make sure you get the right things done:

Effective executives do first things first, ..and they do one thing at a time. They do not make a great many decisions, ..they concentrate on the important ones.

Executives are not paid for what they like to do. They are paid for getting the right things done.

“A country with many laws is a country with incompetent lawyers.” Similarly, an executive who makes many decisions, both lazy and ineffectual.

Without an action plan, ..the executive becomes a prisoner of events.

An organization in which everybody meets all the time, an organization in which no one gets anything done.

Meetings are by definition a concession to deficient organization, ..for one either meets or one works.

If executives in an organization, ..spend more than a fairly small part of their time in meetings.. It is a sure sign of malorganization.

Even the best decision has a high probability of being wrong.

The responsibility is always mine, ..but the decision remains with who is on the spot.

If one cannot increase the supply of a resource, one must increase its yield.

The greatest wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.

To manage time, first must know where it goes.

5 Habits of Mind for the Effective Executive:

Systematic Time Management: 1. Identify and eliminate the things that need not be done at all 2. Which of the activities on my time log could be done by someone else just as well, if not better 3. Time of others the executive himself wastes without helping their effectiveness

5 Different Kinds of Meetings:

The definition of a “routine” is that it makes unskilled people without judgment.. ..capable of doing what took near-genius to do before.

Seek performance, not conformance. Effective executives know that their subordinates are paid to perform, ..and not to please their superiors.

People adjust to the level of the demands made on them.

The most common cause of executive failure, inability or unwillingness to change with the demands of a new position.

A crisis that recurs a second time, a crisis that must not occur again.

To be an effective executive, ask yourself: What can I and no one else do, ..which if done really well, would make a real difference to this company?

Strong people always have strong weaknesses. One cannot by oneself be only strong; The weaknesses are always with us.

Courage rather than analysis dictates the truly important rules for identifying priorities:

A good many studies of research scientists, ..have shown that achievement depends less on ability in doing research, ..than on the courage to go after opportunity.

A decision requires courage.. much as it requires judgment.

The effective decision maker assumes that the traditional measurement, not the right measurement.

Learn to feed opportunities and starve problems.

It is more productive to convert an opportunity into results, ..than to solve a problem.

The right decision demands adequate disagreement.

A decision without an alternative is a desperate gambler’s throw.

‘A blind Venetian’ is not the same as ‘a Venetian blind’

One alternative is always the alternative of doing nothing.

The needs of a large-scale organization have to be satisfied, common people doing uncommon things.

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The Effective Executive is a timeless classic. The lessons contained are countless, ..and just as applicable today as 50+ years ago when it was first published.

Effective Executives: 1. Ask “What needs to be done?” 2. Ask “What’s right for the enterprise?” 3. Develop action plans 4. Responsibility for decisions 5. Responsibility for communicating 6. Focus on opportunities not problems 7. Run productive meetings 8. Think & say WE not I

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