ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي

ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي



<netflix theology>: when your worldview is shaped by modern pop culture in media which is largely degenerate. this is not without any basis, since charles taylor in his ‘a secular age’ introduces the notion of the <social imaginary>.

he distinguishes <social imaginary> from <social theory> because they are fundamentally different: (i) many people often <imagine> their social surroundings, and this is not expressed in theoretical terms. it is carried in images, stories, legends, etc.

(ii) <theory> is often the possession of a small minority, often academics in their ivory towers, whereas what is interesting about the <social imaginary> is that it shared by large groups of people, if not the whole society. the fastest and most widespread images we…

internalise is from mass media, hence the choice of <netflix>. (iii) the <social imaginary> is that common understanding which makes possible common practices, and a widely shared sense of legitimacy. while i mostly memed about “what i learnt from squid game…” tweets, it…

was actually rooted in a deeper thought i had—the absurdity that someone says they “learnt” something from a platform which we know is shayṭānic in the values it promotes. the modern lifestyle leaves us with no time to think about the metaphysical consequences of the…

worldview we adopt from popular media, hence the constant inconsistencies and idiocies of whatever new woke ideas people promote. perhaps this is modernity’s version of <taqlīd>, considering how ready we are to accept the latest ideological export from the modern west.

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