#sakuatsu // tatted kiyoomi atsumu should’ve known something was off when kiyoomi walked into the gym with his compression sleeves on. sure, it’s volleyball gear, but when kiyoomi refused to change in the locker room like he usually does, he had some investigating to do.

“aren’tcha hot, omi?” it was nearly 40 degrees and yet kiyoomi wore a long sleeved turtleneck for their team night out. “i always am.” kiyoomi replies. atsumu gapes before protesting, “hey! that’s my line!” kiyoomi shakes his head, damp curls shaking as he did.

they were straight out of their off season. atsumu takes note of how long kiyoomi’s hair has become, nearly covering his nape, long enough to be tied in a low man bun, long enough to tug on. “miya?” kiyoomi brings his mask down, frowning.

that was also one thing atsumu found fascinating about kiyoomi. he always brought his mask down when speaking to atsumu and didn’t seem to mind being near him, if the arm resting behind his chair is to go by, plus the way their knees are brushing against each other’s.

“yeah?” “i said, what did you do during off season?” atsumu purses his lip in thought before he answers, “not much… i wish i did somethin’ adventurous though. like getting a piercing or tattoo or somethin’.” kiyoomi hums. “i think a tattoo would be good.”

tilting his head, atsumu muses, “what, so we can match?” it was a wild guess. if bluffing would be the way for atsumu to address his suspicions, then so be it. still, nothing can ever prepare him for the moment kiyoomi rolled his sleeves up, inked forearms on display.

naturally, atsumu’s brain short circuits. “woah, omi-omi!” “wicked, sakusa!” their teammates marvel at the sight. atsumu nearly forgot that they weren’t alone. “it doesn’t hurt that much,” kiyoomi shares. “surely, you can take it.” his gaze falls to atsumu.

“like a good boy?” atsumu can’t believe he just said that. kiyoomi’s eyes glinted with amusement, subtly leaning into his space and atsumu looks at him in anticipation. “can’t you two just fuck already?” inunaki suggests across the table.

“i don’t know,” atsumu turns away and traces the rim of his glass with his finger. “i don’t see what’s in it for me.” “too bad,” kiyoomi clicks on his tongue, shaking his head. “the dragon on my back would’ve liked to meet you.” atsumu shoots up from his seat.

kiyoomi gives the team a small wave and allows himself to be dragged away by the wrist. “jesus,” atsumu exhales. “what else are ya hiding under there?” kiyoomi grins. that night, atsumu gets a full view of kiyoomi’s tattoo arm sleeve, alongside his inked back and hip.

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