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10 Lessons from How To Finish Everything You Start (thread)

1) Another reason for failing to finish is that you are so unprepared for interruptions that when one or more occur, you get thrown by it.

2) By far the #1 reason for leaving a task or project unfinished is having too much to do.

3) If you have a fear of failure, you will delay finishing a project, so you do not have to deal with the potential negative feedback that you fear. If you fear success, procrastination delays that scenario from happening.

4) If you end whatever you are trying to finish at a good point, it will be that much easier to pick right up again when you can get back to it.

5) Make whatever you are procrastinating about the very first activity that you tackle first thing in the morning, or when you first get to the office.

6)F = Focus on one priority task. I= Ignore interruptions or distractions. N = Now is the time, not later or tomorrow. I= Initiate and innovate so you keep going. S = Stay the course however tough it gets. H = Hail finishing by celebrating your accomplishment.

7) Be open to trying new things and even fresh ideas or even new technology that might make it faster, easier, or better to finish what you started.

8) Those who have too many unfinished projects or activities often are trying to do everything themselves.

9) Here is what his SMART acronym stands for: S = Specific M = Measurable A = Assignable R = Realistic T= Time-related

10) "Should I have started this in the first place?" If your answer is, "No, then it is okay to leave it unfinished, whatever it is.

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