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You're not addicted to dopamine. You're addicted to removing yourself from your own life. How to live a life you don't want to escape from:

1. Audit your time How often are you reaching for your phone to scroll social media? How long are you binging Netflix? Over an hour a day? You're escaping. How much time are you spending on food, drugs, porn, sleeping around, and video games? A lot? You're escaping

2. Ask yourself "What is it about my life that is driving me to this behavior?" Explore your feelings - Do you hate your job? - Is your partner not listening to you? - Are you not getting what you need from your loved ones?

3. Write it all down Get it out on paper. That's a map of your brain right now. Now that you can see it, maybe you can stop running into the ditch of addiction and take the alternate route to a fulfilling relationship, job, or hobby.

4. Talk Find a father figure you admire. A pastor, a coach, or a therapist. Talk to them about what is bothering you. They can tell you about similar scenarios in their life and the choices they made. This informs your decisions so you might have a life like theirs someday.

5. Make a choice Decide what you want to change about your life Implement a plan Understand the next few conversations you have may be tense But once you get through those and are pursuing a life you're excited about Your addictive behaviors will fall away.

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