#sakuatsu | nsfw | omegaverse, alpha sub, dom omega, edging Alpha Kiyoomi backed against a wall, arms behind his back, biceps straining, as omega Atsumu kneels before him, teasing his lips up the length of his cock, stopping any time Kiyoomi’s hips buck forward helplessly.

Atsumu growling to get Kiyoomi to still - lock his knees and square his shoulders like a big, bad alpha should. Lean his head back, taking deep, ragged breaths in and out of his nose, tightening his fists until his knuckles are white and aching, anything to control himself.

The next time Atsumu leans in, large, warm hands braced on Kiyoomi’s cramping thighs, his lips wrap around the head of Kiyoomi’s over-edged cock, tongue swiping the slit, and Kiyoomi can’t stop his hand from sinking into Atsumu’s hair for purchase, begging for more depth.

It’s teeth, this time, sharp, dangerous, snapping Kiyoomi awake. He doesn’t dare voice his disapproval though his chest rumbles in dark desire to discipline that has his other fist cracking. His arm pulls back, joining it behind his body, before Atsumu has time to chastise him.

He does, anyway, because he’s a brat and infuriating. “You gonna behave?” he asks, “or should I pull out the muzzle again?” It’s confusing how light-headed that makes him. Kiyoomi blames it on the lack of oxygen - if he breathes, he’ll growl, he’ll show his fangs and - and want.

Blames it on the hours of feather-light teasing, the dark room sweltering, suffocating, lulling him into a sense of helplessness he doesn’t often experience, always in control, always the one deciding, and hadn’t this been his decision, too? To prove himself capable of resisting?

‘Being good’ as Atsumu had baited him. ‘Ya don’t strike me as a good boy, Omi-kun,’ taunted when Kiyoomi had grabbed him by the bicep and shoved him between the locker and his body, knee between his legs. Atsumu’s eyes had looked much like this - amused, shiny, dark with sex.

He looks up at Kiyoomi through his lashes as his lips smush a sloppy, wet kiss on the underside of Kiyoomi’s cock, the tip of his tongue teasing that sensitive spot that makes Kiyoomi’s eyes cross. He knows he’s rocking his hips forward because it feels too good.

“Or maybe the leash?” Atsumu teases, wiping spit off his face with the back of his hand and using that same hand to wrap his long, talented fingers loosely around Kiyoomi’s straining cock. Too loose, a taunt, a trap he’s falling for, hating himself even as he fucks Atsumu’s hand.

Cock sliding desperately into the slipper ring of his fingers, slow at first, reluctantly, and then quick, jerky thrusts when it feels too good to stop like the prickly pain making his balls and belly heavy is suddenly molten pleasure. “Yer gonna stop or should I stop ya?”

He’s going to stop, in a thrust, or two, fuck, it feels perfect seeing Atsumu’s hands on his flushed cock, clean nails, callouses from games making strokes rough. “Need help, puppy?” Atsumu laughs, not pulling his damn hand away, and if Kiyoomi goes a little longer he might cum.

Atsumu knows this, of course, reads him like an open book, allows the first tremor to run down Kiyoomi’s body, tightening his abs, dropping beads of sweat through the ridges of his stomach. Spreads his fingers slightly with the second - a proper convulsion.

His body wants to curl and straighten and fuck forward all at once. He can feel his chest bursting in breath and noise. It’s only with his third, a leg-shaking twitch, that Kiyoomi feels himself fucking nothing but cool air, cock bobbing untouched to smear slick on his stomach.

He grunts in pain, tasting blood on the inside of his cheek and feeling it, slippery and hot, between his fists. His eyes take time to clear of white stars, sharpen to catch sight of Atsumu’s handsome, frustrating face and the buzzing in his ears has raised to a deafening rush.

“Had enough?” Atsumu smiles, which is fucking rich ‘cause Kiyoomi has had fucking nothing! But it doesn’t matter unless he has /him/. “Again,” he grinds between his molars, watching Atsumu trace the large vein on the underside of his cock. “Say please,” he hums, smirking.

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