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Idol Atsumu who has to play a character for his fans, always acting as this sweet and innocent boy who's shy and too polite, nothing compared to his normally harsh and jerk-like personality He's everybody's sweetheart, he plays that part and he does it like it's nothing

But even with his cute plays and sweet smiles, he's always reminded of just how fake that is The deep and sultry voice of his manager always just inches away from his ear as he speaks lowly "What do you think they'll say if they knew how much of a pathetic brat you are, Miya?"

And he can't be mad at him, because it's true How could he ever be everybody's innocent boy when he always ends up on his manager's lap, whimpering and begging to be put on his place, running his annoying mouth until there's no other option than to stuff it full to shut him up

//who's the manager you may ask? I'll leave that to your imagination๐Ÿ˜Œ

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