Lia๐Ÿ”ž| 24/7 Childe brainrot

Lia๐Ÿ”ž| 24/7 Childe brainrot



Modern Idol #ZhongChi AU where Zhongli is a solo artist/actor, formerly from idol unit ARCHONS and has been in the industry for years, and Tartaglia is a newly debuted idol, part of the Harbingers company by Tsaritsa. The two of them are often pit against each other by the media,

Because Tartaglia was viewed as Rookie idol of the year and people are conspiring that he dislikes Zhongli because he always seems to avoid him and avoids looking at him. Whenever someone asks him, he avoids answering or smiles threateningly, and if they ask the other Harbingers,

Their faces turn into exasperated exhaustion and don't answer. When someone asked Zhongli, his reaction was "Tartaglia? Is he not the new idol that debuted under Tsar?" In short, he didn't know Tartaglia, or he didn't think much about the other idol enough to pay him any mind,

And the media ate this up in a way that somehow, it had become a story of Tartaglia hating Zhongli with all his being, and Zhongli saying Tartaglia was not talented enough to reach success. (Hint: it was false) This had gone on for years, with fans going after each other's necks

On every conspiracy that comes out. Ofcourse with antis come shippers. Those who viewed them as Rivals to lovers or think that it was all just a cover for their relationship cause HoLy Shit that sexual tension- It all changed when Tartaglia was invited to an idol gameshow where

Idols would compete against other people in guessing the next lyrics of the song. At first, it had gone on as normal, with Tartaglia joking and laughing with the hosts and contestants. However, when a song by Zhongli came on, where everyone expected Tartaglia to skip or not know-

The answer, he answered it faster than he had any of the other songs (including some of the songs he himself sang). Once was an accident, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a pattern. For every song that was sung by Zhongli himself, Tartaglia would always answer quickly,

borderline subconsciously even, as if he knew every song by heart. When commented on by the host, everyone expected him to be angry, yet instead, he started sputtering and blushing ..oho? What took the cake was the final song which coincidentally had the highest stakes

When the song played however, almost all the contestants had a confused face. Almost. Tartaglia however, brightened up as he pressed the buzzer and sang the rest of the song flawlessly. When he realised that the crowd was silent, he looked at everyone with a confused face. What-

Song was that, how did a lot of them not know, while Tartaglia had instantly known? The host, Venti who had been a former member of ARCHONS and had been the one to suggest the song despite the producer's protests, had a shit eating grin however. Gleefully, he announced that

Tartaglia was correct, and then proceeded to explain that the song was sang none other by Zhongli and was in fact his first solo song in the very first ARCHONS album which didn't sell well at the time since their group had only hit off on their 2nd album, their first one flopping

And being forgotten as the years went by. Very few even remember that album, much less have the songs memorized. The cameras zoomed in on Tartaglia's face as he covered it with his hand, but not before it caught his embarrassed expression and deeply flushed cheeks. That day, the

Internet broke as the news of Tartaglia apparently knowing Zhongli's oldest song had spread, with shippers gaining more and more members as #ZhongTaglia trended because perhaps, the ship was not as far from the truth than anyone actually thought? Throughout this, Tartaglia had

Been oddly quiet, where he used to often be very active on social media, there was now just radio silence, sparking even more discussions as this was incredibly out of character for the friendly idol. In one certain artist's bedroom however, amber eyes watched the recorded

Episode of the gameshow with interest. Zhongli had been at a shoot during the live so he had no choice but to miss watching his favourite little idol on his friends show. To his surprise however, upon checking his phone as soon as his shoot ended, he had multiple messages from

Different co-stars The most prominent being Venti's "I know you'll eventually watch the show's episode regardless of what I say, but i just wanted to tell you Good Luck ehe!โ˜†" Raising his brows, he sat on his bed and watched, wondering what Tartaglia could have done to warrant

Such a reaction from various artists that they felt it necessary to send it to him. "Oh?" . In his own bedroom, Childe watched the crowd scream as the TV host Hutao welcomed Zhongli to her late night show. He hasn't logged in on any of his social media nor checked any of his

Messages ever since he accidentally outed himself as Zhongli's fan. He didn't even want to see what his haters said 'That /my song wasn't the only delusional one/ I bet' he thought, he couldn't help himself though. Childe had been an instant fan the moment he saw Morax, buying

their first album even though a lot of people brushed them aside back then. He used to sing their songs in public parks too. It had been how one of their members, Tsaritsa, noticed him afterall. By then, they were already dissolved, but Childe still kept that first album close to

his heart. Tsaritsa often giving him a weird face whenever she gets reminded of his massive crush on her friend. 'It's over now. I didn't even get to sing a duet with him because of that stupid conspiracy' he furiously thinks. Apparently him getting shy had become him "hating"

Zhongli, so productions went out of their way to make sure they were never in the same set. He wanted to cry. He never even got to see Zhongli's flawless face up close after all that effort to stand on the same level as him damn it! Now here he was, in his bedroom with scattered

posters of said man with the now infamous first album framed on the wall while he watches the real deal from behind the TV screen. A voice suspiciously sounding like Scara called him "simp" in his head. Zhongli took a seat as he greeted Hutao back, bantering with her as the

Crowd laughed at his exasperation on her morbid jokes. Childe sighed wistfully as he leaned his head on his pillow. "When will you look at me.." he said to the empty room sadly. "Speaking of which, have you watched the most recent episode of Venti's gameshow?" Childe paused.

Heart beating fast as Zhongli nodded, "Were you surprised to find out your enemy turned out to be your fan?" Hutao joked, while Zhongli just frowned, "I'm indeed flattered but I do have to ask, where did you even get that Tartaglia and I were enemies?" The crowd started

Chattering in confusion as Hutao asked, "Haven't you seen the conspiracies around you? People were saying you deemed Tartaglia unworthy since you didn't even recognise him when they asked you about him during an interview" Childe sucked in a deep breath, the crowd also-

Becoming quiet as they all anticipated Zhongli's answer, "There seems to be a misunderstanding, while I did fail to recognise his name, it was not because I thought low of him. It had been because I knew of him as 'Childe' rather than the name 'Tartaglia'." Childe sucked in a

surprised breath, how did he- "Childe?" Hutao asked over the growing noise of the crowd, Zhongli gave a fond smile as he answered "Yes, Childe. As Venti had mentioned, our first album failed and it hit me harder as I felt that I failed our group as the leader. I wandered over

to a park to reflect when, to my surprise, I heard my song from the same album being sung sweetly by a wonderful voice." Childe could hardly believe his ears. The crowd seemed to realise where this was going as the noise got even louder, yet Zhongli continued on, "I followed

the voice and to my surprise, a young man sat singing my song to the children in the park with a happy smile on his face. I heard them call him Childe, but before I could approach him, I had been called back to the company for an emergency meeting. I did keep coming back but I

never got to see him again, til years later when to my surprise, I see the same face smiling at me from a billboard. I kept searching for 'Childe' yet nothing was coming up, it wasn't until someone brought up his stage name that I realized I had been searching for the wrong name.

For some reason, we were never in the same sets as well" There was screaming now in the crowd yet all Childe could hear was the blood roaring in his ears, 'Am I dreaming?' He thought dazedly "Alright Alright! Settle down or I'll set you all down in a coffin" Hutao scolded the

crowd before turning to Zhongli "So if Childe is watching today, is there something you'd like to say to him?" Zhongli put his hand on his chin, thinking, before turning his head Childe gasped as the eyes suddenly turned towards the camera, Zhongliโ€™s gaze piercing through him

even though he knows he's not actually seeing him "Childe, Tartaglia, if you are free Would you like to go for dinner with me?" Childe screamed.

Months later, the internet broke as Childe posted a picture of him holding what is clearly a new and unreleased album cd against his slyly smiling lips, while Zhongli sat beside him giving him an absolutely enamored look, "Looking forward to releasing our collab album soon!"

- Tsaritsa definitely knew they were simping for each other, but kept quiet because she was overprotective of Childe - the rest of ARCHONS knew as well - so did Hutao, the whole questioning was really just her setting it all up (bless)

-there was definitely a hickey in that selfie but Childe didn't notice. Zhongli did, but didn't say anything (if anything he relished that his claim was out for everyone to se -Childe eventually found out because everyone noticed it, ofcourse they did. It was trending for weeks

-end This was marinating in my drafts for like one? Two weeks? Idek There's a lot of wips marinating in my drafts KSNDKSK idols yet simping ZC please wodjajsj

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