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dindi 🤸



nsfw atsumu runs out of mean names to call kiyoomi & his favored “uptight asshole” is a little too on the nose for how he feels about kiyoomi nowadays, so one day, while they’re bickering, atsumu decides to try out a new one. unfortunately instead of the “yer a fuckin’ cunt”

he says in his head, it comes out something that suspiciously sounds like “i’ll fuck…yer cunt” kiyoomi freezes. atsumu freezes. the van full of msby players freezes. “uh—what i meant—ya see—” “get it tsumu-san!” hinata yells and everyone joins in with jeers and wolf whistles.

kiyoomi doesn’t look at him until they’re off the van and that’s fine, atsumu thinks, still the color of tuna sashimi. it was fun while it lasted and now that the cat’s out of the bag, kiyoomi will—

—grab him by the balls (??) and whisper in his ear, “after the game, & after your shower, you’re going to fuck my cunt, & you’ll fuck it well enough for me to forget how embarrassing that confession was.” he steps away & slips on his mask. “got it?” atsumu nearly jizzes himself.

“got it,” he agrees in a post-orgasmic daze. or something like it. “what a good slut,” kiyoomi says, case closed. the name calling gets an upgrade after that — whoever pops the boner first loses and since atsumu is in love with a psychotic cunt, he’s always losing. lol //

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