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#osaatsu #miyacest nsfw, age gap Atsumu gets hard for the first time after sharing a bath with his big brother, Osamu. Osamu takes it upon himself to teach Atsumu how to jack off, like the good big brother that he is.

He grips Atsumu’s small cock in his large hands, and Atsumu, unfamiliar with a touch so intimate, cums after just a few strokes. Osamu chuckles. “Yer gonna hafta last longer than that, Tsumu.”

And before Atsumu can be embarrassed, can say something mean, his big brother continues, gripping his own hard cock—big, thick, pulsing—and says with a grin, “Let me show ya.”

Later, much later, Atsumu reveals that he’d been saving himself for the brother that he looks up to and worships, because, “Who else am I gonna give myself to, Samu-nii?”

So Osamu takes Atsumu’s virginity on the bottom bunk that he used to occupy, just like when they were younger, just as Atsumu has always dreamed of being taken apart.

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