Tech layoffs affect immigrants the most! 5–15% of the 100k+ layoffs are H-1B holders. In 60 days (30-45 in practice), they must find a new job or be deported from the US. Families who've been here 10+yrs are told "We don't need you anymore. Leave." 10+ tips to stay– 1/12

1. Interview immediately, and widely. Look at Startups on AngelList. Don't think too much about comp. Just get an offer. 2. Reach out to smaller firms in writing or your recruiter and explain your timeline. 2/12

3. Remember, your new company will have to file an LCA (7-10 days) and an H-1B. Make sure it's premium processing so you hear back in 15 days. I-129 petition has to get in before day 60! 3/12

4. If you don't find a job, worst case you'll have to leave. Don't panic. It's not hard to get hired back in the US (you don't have to do the lottery again). Your new H-1B will have to be "consular processing" which takes more time for visa interviews etc but there's a way. 4/12

5. Consider applying for O-1 for "extraordinary ability". A good lawyer can tell you if you're eligible, and you might be. This isn't tied to an employer. Premium processing is available. Great option if you're starting your own startup! 5/12

6. Unlikely, but try to negotiate with your employer for less severance pay and more employment time. If you can stay employed until the end of the year, your odds are much higher. Holiday season is a bad time to recruit. 6/12

7. Try to become a dependent of your spouse to extend your timeline. 8. Consider going back to school on an F-1. There are cheap colleges that allow this. 7/12

8. Change to B1 visitor visa if your employer lets you and extend your time. You'll need to do a H-1B change-of-status when you get a job. 9. With an approved I-140 for an EB2 or EB3 GC, you'll need to file a PERM with the new employer but can retain your old priority date. 8/12

10. If you're running out of OPT and are on F-1 because you didn't make the H-1B lottery, consider "Day 1 CPT". There are risks. 11. Go to Canada if you have a PR or visitor visa. You can re-enter the US with an old valid H-1B stamp and a new approved I797 9/12

12. If you're on L-1, there's no grace period. 13. The "immigration support" that the companies love to advertise in PR are usually pathetic. Don't rely on it. I am not an immigration lawyer, so please do your own research too before you follow these tips. 10/12

Why is it so dire? There's way too many Indians on H-1B because of green card backlogs of 100+yrs on EB-2/3. They must renew their H-1B in 3yr stints in perpetuity. People born in other countries, otoh, can get their GC within a few years of an H-1B. 11/12

This is an overlooked humanitarian crisis. People have spent $x00,000 on education and years of their life to be here and established families. They’re 90%ile+ taxpayers. Yet overnight, they snap their fingers and uproot 10,000+ families. 12/12

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