This is what $IDT shareholder value creation looks like: Over time they’ve spun out 5 companies which are now worth more than 4x of $IDT itself. National Retails Solutions (NRS) is the most promising candidate for the next spin-off ⬇️ 1/5

NRS is a Point-of-Sale solution that is purpose-built to address the needs of the underserved market of 200k independent retailers in the US like C-Stores, Bodegas, liquid stores etc. It’s also includes value added services like loyalty software, inventory management and more:

NRS has mutiple, high-growth & high-margin recurring revenues generating a $70 million run rate: ▫️Advertising & Data: -ad impressions on customer facing screens -purchase transaction data ▫️Merchant Services: -NRS Pay ▫️SaaS Fees ▫️New Services -Ecommerce Sol. -WC advances

Robust Platform & Top-line Growth ▫️19.400 active POS terminals (+38%) ▫️10.300 payment processing accounts (+77%) ▫️$316 Monthly average recurring revenue per Terminal (+87%) ▫️$17.7m recurring revenue (+157%) ▫️134% revenue growth yoy last quarter with 30% EBITDA-Margins

Long Runway Opportunities: ▫️<10% POS TAM penetration to-date ▫️further monetization of ad-inventory ▫️expansion to adjacent retail verticals ▫️international expansion ▫️new platform-based offerings

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