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sunaatsu // step-brother au, nsfw, pt.2 "you know...we aren't biological siblings" atsumu stood there frozen holding drink. "uhm y-yeah i know-" atsumu cleared his throat, you could bear the crack in his voice. suna smirked, knowing full and well what he's

doing. "so why don't we have a little fun? we can keep it a secret" atsumu looked up at suna with lost puppy eyes which drove suna mad. he wanted to make atsumu cry with how big his cock is. suna stared into atsumu's hazel eyes and took the drink out of his hand, placing it

on the counter before putting his hands on atsumu's waist. "u-uhm r-rin i-" before atsumu could finish, suna kissed him passionately, forcing atsumu to kiss back. atsumu tried to get away for a few seconds but soon kissed back. wrapping his arms around suna's neck.

suna didn't waste any time pulling atsumu's shorts down and groping him. "ah-" atsumu moaned through the kiss while suna slipped a finger in him. "ah rin!" suna went faster as he kissed atsumu against the kitchen counter, pinning him there so he'd have no where to run.

"r-rin please w-wait" suna slid another finger, this time more rough "you don't know how long i've wanted to do this." suna trailed down to atsumu's neck trying to find his sweet spot while still fingering him. "keep quiet for me tsumu" atsumu hummed in response.

"bend over." atsumu stopped and stared at suna "w-what?" suna looked at atsumu with a blank expression "i said bend over, im gonna fuck you until you cant take it anymore."

pt. 1 here 🤍

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