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#sakuatsu | oral fixation Kiyoomi watches once again as Atsumu licks the lollipop in his mouth obnoxiously, letting out more than inappropriate sounds. The worst thing of it all is that the man doesn't even realize what he's doing, focused on a match playing on the screen.

Golden eyes trailing the volleyball as it hangs in the air multiple times, to finally go down with force on either side of the net. It's not on purpose, he's way too focus to put that much attention into the way he's eating, into the way his tongue twirls around the candy.

Into the way it keeps on driving Kiyoomi fucking crazy. And it's not like he wasn't aware of his boyfriend's hyperfixation with putting anything that he possibly could -always sanitary enough- on his mouth, the need he had to keep it busy, to keep it full.

Kiyoomi didn't mind, he even learned how to take advantage of it at the moment of bringing it into the relationship, silently patting himself on the back every time the use of Atsumu's fixation would show them both an amazing time. But still, that also came with it's problems.

Because now, as he watches Atsumu do something so innocent like studying and commenting on a match while he delights on the sweetness of the strawberry flavored candy, he realizes he can't help the quickness of his breaths and the way his sweatpants tighten on his lap.

And he also realizes, once again, that he might have a fixation of his own. As he pays attention to the way the blonde's pink colored tongue licks over the lollipop, wrapping the muscle around it like wanting to envelop it and taste every corner of it, just like he does when-

"Atsumu, stop that." His voice comes out more strained and breathless that he intended to, taking the man's attention off the screen immediately. "Uh? Oh, sorry Omi. Was I being noisy?" And he almost feels bad, just a little,

Because he knows just how conscious his lover is about his eating manners, but the tension that he's building up since they stepped into their apartment -having just gotten back from the store, fresh candy in Atsumu's hand- is taking every bit of patience he can manage to hold.

"It's not... that." And the clueless expression on the other's face could make him look even cuter if not for the immediate smirk that replaces it once he catches on the real issue. "Oh, sorry Omi. Didn't think ya were getting lonely over there,"

The shit eating smile that he had two seconds ago changes into a seductive one, eyes lowering slightly as he moves towards Kiyoomi, crawling slowly on the couch like an animal hunting it's pray. "Why don't I make it up to ya? The lollipop was getting boring anyways."

Just when Atsumu is centimeters away from him, the raven takes notice on his red stained lips and the way a pink tongue licks over them, wetting them in the process. A low scoff leaves him before he locks eyes with the blonde, self control can go to hell. "You little shit."

His hands move fast, taking a hold of Atsumu's thighs as he handles him until the blonde sits fully on his lap, earning a squeak of the man in the process. He decides to not waste any more time as he smacks his lips together, a whine leaving the blonde as he licks without mercy.

The taste of strawberry is sweet on his tongue and the force that he kisses Atsumu with makes their teeths knock repeatedly against each other, ripping cries of protest from the man on top of him that he chooses to completely ignore in order to keep tasting him.

Atsumu forces him back with both of his hands on his shoulders, already breathless with only minutes into the kiss, his eyes are hazy and a blush paints his cheeks beautifully as he pants loudly, air coming in and out as it gets pass plump, bitting lips.

"Omi..." The breath in witch the blonde says his name with leaves him feeling lightheaded and he feels like he might be able to get drunk on it, on him. "What do you say we put that mouth of yours to good use, darling?" He moves towards a blushed ear. "Let's keep you busy."

//Kiyoomi's is a tired man who can't handle his boyfriend's habits sometimes, but he still loves it so who can blame him?

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