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Kano Model is one of the most under-utilised analysis to prioritise product features in Businesses. What if you could know which features customers would absolutely love/hate/neutral? Here's all you need to know to apply Kano analysis, summarised in <5 mins

1/ Figure out set of features or value propositions that you want to validate with Kano model. Ensure that # of features are not too many, ideally choose upto 10 most important ones but do not exceed 20 features.

2/ Choose set of customers that best represent the segment that you want to target. If you're validating totally new features, you could survey your existing loyal/casual users depending on your goal (acquisition/retention). Or you could even survey wider potential population.

3/ For each feature, ask Qs: a/ What is this feature was absent? or if you have less of this feature? b/ What if this feature was present? what if you have more of this? Possible answers to choose: •I like it •I expect it •I am neutral •I can tolerate it •I dislike it

4/ Then, plot the answers in a grid (check sample image from . Example: If for a given feature, majority customers say 'I like it' for Q(a) and 'I am neutral' for Q(b) you can say the feature is a Attractive/Delight feature and not a must-have.

5/ Similarily you can classify your features into: Attractive features: Create Delight Must-be features: Basic expectations Performance features: More the better Indifferent features: Customers don't care Questionable features: Conflicting responses (no conclusion) Reverse: Kill

6/ You can plot your features in a 2x2 grid (screenshot from Features below red curve are Must-be Features in green curve are delight features Features on orange line are performance features (More the better)

Summary: The Kano Model It provides a system to classify customer reactions to product features. The result is a better understanding of what the customer values. Using the model you will have one more data point (customer perception) besides the business/cost impact.

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