Notion is used by 20 million people worldwide. It's an incredibly powerful tool. Here are 6 Notion tools so good, you wish you heard about them a year ago:

Your brain can only store 3 things at once. Notion Web Clipper makes sure you never lose track of key internet links: β€’ Save posts with just one click β€’ Easily integrate into your existing pages / tables β€’ Track it easily with tags / context

A personal website is your resume for the internet. It's a major unlock for partnerships and opportunties. Super allows you to build one instantly on Notion: β€’ No code β€’ SEO optimization β€’ Massive template library

Tally is my go-to program for collecting: β€’ Market data β€’ User interviews β€’ Customer information Tally includes: β€’ Form logic β€’ Unlimited forms + submissions β€’ Integrations with Airtable + Zapier

At Herb, I have a Company Wiki with all of my core operating systems: β€’ Scalable content systems β€’ Repeatable revenue systems β€’ Key documents for branding / marketing

The magic of no-code is that all the tools can collaboratively be automated. This resource contains: β€’ 16+ database templates β€’ Collection of 50+ Notion Automations β€’ Learning resources on which tools to pick and how to implement

Take your Notion pages to the next level with widgets: β€’ Weather reports β€’ Life progress bar β€’ Habit counter / tracker β€’ Google Calendar embed Build a dashboard of pages that you love

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