SakuAtsuSuna NSFW video game violence “You never kill Atsumu!” Hinata screeched as a machete punched through his character’s chest. “Hey! That’s true!” Bokuto huffed into his headset, shoulders to his ears as he tried to hide from Suna. “I’m just really good at the game!”

Atsumu was currently out in the middle of the map. Looking through things, picking up items, as Suna hunted for their teammates around him. “You literally are so bad at this,” Kageyama grumbled, having been the first to die. “It’s not fair you have two boyfriends. When both

of them refuse to kill you in game,” Hinata sniffled. Atsumu preened in his gaming chair, grinning at the screen. “I can’t help that they love me!” When in reality, whenever they tried to kill him Atsumu would shriek threats. Or promises. “I won’t suck yer cock for a week

if ya stab me, Omi!” “I’ll ride yer dick the whole next game if you let me live, Rin.” “I’m not risking my sex life by killing him,” Sakusa muttered, as he fled the room Suna was stomping in. Leaving Bokuto to be brutally murdered. “Are you selling ass to stay alive?” Hinata

hummed in thought. “Would that work on you, ‘Yama?” A pause, then a short. “Absolutely not. I get the same amount of pleasure murdering you.” As the rest bickered over comms, Atsumu turned around in his chair. Spreading his thighs as he slowly wiggled out of his underwear.

“Thanks for not killing me, Rin,” tongue out as he thumbed his cock. Suna glanced over, eyes trailing over pretty, tan skin. Sakusa cursed in the background as he died, eyes flicking to both of them. “You should thank my cock,” Suna grinned as everyone on call immediately

hung up. No one wanted to play with them anymore.

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